Margate FC relegation ‘essentially confirmed’ says Board

Margate FC

Margate FC’s relegation from Isthmian Premier division to Isthmian South East is ”essentially confirmed” says the MFC Board.

The Board says that despite recent good form, with Gate suffering just one defeat in the last seven games, the significant goal difference between the club and Cheshunt – who took a 1-0 victory over Horsham last night – means relegation will now happen.

A message from the MFC board says: “It’s an extremely sad day for the club, make no doubt. This league is becoming more competitive year-on-year, the challenge grows every season.

“However, when we appointed a new manager in December, it certainly wasn’t a change with a relegation battle in mind. Quite the opposite, as we had the ambition to push for a top half finish at the very least.

“Despite recent external articles which suggest otherwise, as a club we given our full support to the cause providing extra training opportunities, financial backing to rebuild the squad, and everything in between!

“We are extremely disappointed for our supporters; all we can do now is prepare for next season and aim to bounce straight back up.

“Thank you for all your support throughout the season, it really is appreciated, especially in recent weeks when you have kept the players going.”


  1. I have been loads of times this season ,and have seen bad games as well as good ones .The game against champions Hornchurch ,the ‘gate equalled them, if not bettered them .Losing 0-1, to them was a terrible result for Margate deserved something out of it.The game against Wingate,the ‘ gate should have won by loads more ,and Wingate were fourth at the time.The spirit is there ,but the table does not lie.And I will be there next season.If more local people backed local teams instead of Premier league sides maybe ,non league football would be winners

  2. For what us regular supporters have seen in recent games.If manager had put that team together earlier we would not have been relegated.
    It now needs owners to back manager and these players so we can keep them in the lower league. This may cost but if they are really interested in keeping this club going they will do this.As in the report of what they have said, they want a quick return to the league we are about to leave.
    Prove you want this !

    • The club needs to be self supporting as much as possible, if owners and directors decide to depart who will be able to afford to run it, there are very few Pipers about and the brain dead supporters calling for the owner and directors to resign won’t be the ones to take over

  3. Time now for the club to rebuild, the stadium and team, continue the good work with the ladies , under 23 s and
    youth, there must be a complete overhaul of the way the club runs its operations, under the board of directors there needs to be a committee of dedicated people I. E . Commercial, fund raising, catering and communication ( which has been appalling this year)

  4. Time to rebuild not just the team and stadium but the whole structure of management, there should be a committee of dedicated people to run the catering, match day , commercial, and communication sides of the club ( the communication has been appalling this year) tannoy info no personal presence . Leave the board to do whatever they do and bring in a sub committee.

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