Laleham Gap students ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ and the world of work

Laleham Gap students and teacher Paul Ursell at Margate Fire Station

As Post 16 students enter term 5 at Laleham Gap their immersion in learning of their ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ Curriculum is being ramped up.

In recent weeks students have been treated to many ‘behind the scenes’ opportunities to advance their learning. “What we do,” explained teacher Paul Ursell, “is have outside speakers in to explain key points and then we arrange for the students to get as much hands-on’ experience as they can to support that learning.”

Behind the scenes at Tesco

This has led to students visiting the Stagecoach Depot, do a ‘World at Work Day’ at Tesco’s and this week visit the fire station.

“Yes we do the fun things, so students did visit the giant freezers at Tesco’s and work the tills, they did sit in the driver’s seat at Stagecoach and even got to spray water at Margate fire station. But most importantly they cement their learning through combining academic and hands-on learning in real life situations,” said Mr Ursell.

The students have been walking or getting buses to their destinations as part of their independent travel training, developing skills they will have for their entire life.

Max Parr, from Kent Fire Service, said: “Following a really positive classroom session the fire service was really pleased to offer this opportunity to Laleham Gap. You could see they had great fun and they asked great questions, showing increasing understanding of our safety messages and making them better prepared for the real world, using our services and staying safe.”

Vanessa Lennard, Tesco’s Community Champion, said: “By the end of the day the students were better prepared for the challenges and opportunities the world of work can offer.”

As term 5 continues and then into Term 6 these Preparing for Adulthood experiences continue to deepen for the students. Classroom learning on online safety and relationship and sex education also features

Mr Ursell said:  “Continuing this approach to education will ensure our students are even more prepared for transitions to college, future work and for adult life generally.”

Laleham Gap is a special Communication and Interaction school in Ramsgate for children with autism and speech and language issues.


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