Arrests, people searched and car seized during police operation in Margate and Cliftonville

Police seized a car in Northdown Road Photo Kent Police

Three arrests have been made and 16 people searched for drugs as part of an operation in Margate by Kent Police.

Using plain clothes and uniformed officers, Thanet’s Community Safety Unit worked in and around streets in Cliftonville and Margate and focused on concerns flagged about drug use.

In total, the team found nine bags of spice, along with two seizures of cannabis. Four people were given community resolutions.

During the one-day operation on Friday 19 April, officers also searched for suspects wanted for outstanding offences.

A 33-year-old man from Margate was arrested on suspicion of assault and burglary. He was released on bail until 15 June.

A 27-year-old woman from Margate was arrested and charged with shoplifting in the area and bailed to appear at court next month.

A vehicle stopped in Fort Crescent and found to contain a quantity of cannabis resulted in the arrest of a 24-year-old man from Margate on suspicion of drug driving. He was released on bail until 19 July pending further enquiries.

A second car was stopped in Northdown Road and seized after checks revealed the driver had no licence or insurance, and he was given a traffic offence report.

Inspector Jim Woodward of Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “Through intensive operations such as this, the neighbourhood teams focus on disrupting the use and sale of drugs and other criminality in the district.

“I hope it sends out the message to potential offenders that there is no easy place to be to break the law.”


        • Proof? I lived in cliftonville for 10 years, and have a business there for 25 years. Drugs and the people that use them ( along with their attitudes and behaviours) are largely why the area gained the reputation it does and is unlikely to relinquish.

          The council and other bodies are happy to dump the substance dependent in the area and the police and criminal justice system happy to let drugs control the area so long as their is no serious violence from the dealers or users.

          The benefits system means that there is no incentive for the ne’er do wells to change their ways, they can live quite happily , by ignoring the basic rules the rest of us live by, you’ve only to look at the number of vehicles clamped by the dvla to see how widely motoring laws are ignored as a simple example.

          What is your proof / evidence to contrary?
          Hopefully the areas gentrification will lead to a bit of rebalancing in the community and force some of the less desirable residents out.

  1. No surprise-as usual when the PCC/Chief Constable elections are about to happen, or the Tories do their national sweeps for PR Mr Scott/whoever wants a tough on drugs/crime headline & the usual low-end dealers & tea leaves get busted. May 2nd is the vote, April 23rd is the headline.

  2. Try doing this daily and they may make a dent. nine bags of spice, along with two seizures of (personal) cannabis, where is the Coke and the Heroin openly sold in the streets in broad daylight every single day? where are the dealer quantities? where are the follow up raids on dwellings while offenders are in custody? This smells like they stopped 2 cars and hit one group of dope heads outside the Church on Cliftonville high street, a 30 minute job. Useless.

  3. It’s so great to see the police tackling the petty criminals who are most likely victims of social and economic oppression that has been intentionally created by successive heinous governments over the past four decades.

    It’s a shame the police don’t tackle the high-level criminals in this town, such as the Very crooked councillors who have sat as council members in Thanet council for many decades.

    Over the last 3 decades …. How many high ranking Council members do you think owned “dilapidated properties” in Cliftonville/Margate yet were claiming p Full Maximum Housing Benefit” for properties deemed unfit for human habitation …. I’ll give you a clue, it was WAY more than the one sacrificial lamb that they threw under the bus a few years ago!!

    This is how the criminal justice system works ….one rule for them and another for us. The police “used” to serve and protect the people …. Nowadays we have “service corporation officers” who serve and protect their paymasters, not the public.

    • If you have concrete proof of your claims (I very much doubt it) contact the police?

      • I think you’re intentionally missing the point Edward ….how about the very well known musician and notorious druggie who now lives in Cliftonville ….it is well known by local people thathe is one now of the biggest drug dealers in Thanet …. Well known by everyone, apart from the police “apparently”.

        If you want to report it to the police go ahead … I’m still waiting for them to get back to me following a burglary that I reported 4 years ago.

        • “how about the very well known musician and notorious druggie who now lives in Cliftonville”

          You mean the one that actually lives in France and has done for months, leaving his pals to run his hotel for him?

          “it is well known by local people thathe is one now of the biggest drug dealers in Thanet …. Well known by everyone, apart from the police “apparently”.”

          Why are you trying to disparage and defamatorily damage the reputation of someone? He’s a nice bloke and what you’re saying does NOT line up with what is known about him by those who operate in the musicians circles round here. Lets hope he isn’t too litigious.

  4. I’ve been told a very famous musician who is now living in Cliftonville is one now of the biggest dealers in Thanet …. I’d be very surprised if the police were not aware of that ….strange that they are more than happy to jump all over the little man on the street …but happens to the rich guy. Rank Hypocrisy

    • “I’ve been told a very famous musician who is now living in Cliftonville is one now of the biggest dealers in Thanet …”

      This is actionable defamation against the good character of someone you don’t personally like. AKA, libel.

      • Who are you talking about? From your defensive response it sounds like you’re one of their friends?

        I have no personal opinions about that individual this is what I’ve been told, it’s not a secret by all accounts. Surely it would be down to the police investigate to confirm if it’s true or not …. However I’ve not seen anything in the paper about investigations against this person …

  5. This was a total waste of police time, and money! Decriminalize these drugs, and the price will fall rapidly, so those idiots who want to use them can kill themselves, and in the process cut down petty crime! Job done

  6. “the driver had no licence or insurance, and he was given a traffic offence report.”

    That’s a euphemism for being “let off”

    I haven’t heard of this famous musician/dealer but I understand drugs are being delivered daily by scrotes on E-scooters. If THEY were stopped the Police might actually make a real difference on several levels… prosecute the rider, confiscate the drugs and scooter.

    • Other Police forces crack down on this kind of behaviour but in Kent they are usually let of lightly. How about taking these cars of the road. We know who the dealers are with the loud machine gun fire coming from their expensive blacked out window cars. A few packets of spice and cannabis are not going to make a difference. Thanet is a high priority area for all this but not much gets done.
      How about raiding the public call box on the corner of Northdown Road and Edgar Road, it’s always full of addicts rolling joints, have a piss or sleeping in.

  7. Lets charge £40 for 50gr tobacco and £5+ a pint in the pubs for a pint of beer but arrest those with a £10 bag of weed, with unemployment the highest in the SE, most need some type of recreational stimulant, some choose a bottle of red with dinner.
    Maybe TDC could cash in with a massive cannabis farm? a bit like the the ones we already have spread over the UK supplying medical grade stuff and completely fund the Winter gardens refit and operations?
    Turing it all underground just creates crime.

    • Highest unemployment in the south east , but we still have a high number of migrants living here who’ve managed to find work.
      Those paying for legal stimulants are likely to be those who work and pay their way and their stimulant of choice is not used to excess and they function pretty normally.
      No doubt there are the professionals that are functional users of illegal substances , but again their use is paid for from their day jobs and not petty crime and they mix in normal circles. How many in this category were stopped in the “sweep”?

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