Thanet Roadrunner smashes club record in London Marathon

Jack Bradley completed the marathon in time of 2:36:01

By Jon Holl

Twelve Thanet Roadrunners took part in the iconic London Marathon yesterday (April 21).

Jack Bradley set out with a target of beating the Thanet Roadrunners club record. To beat a club record, in a club which has been sending quality runners to London for over 40 years is no mean task.

However, Jack smashed it, with an outstanding time of 2:36:01 to run the 26.2 mile course.  He shaved over 50 seconds from the Thanet Roadrunners club record.

Club Chairman Pete Heath said “The club is very proud of Jack’s achievements and his record fastest time in the clubs history of more than 40 years.  Jack is not just an outstanding athlete, he’s also a thoroughly nice guy, who encourages and supports others.”

There were many other great performances on the day and an amazing atmosphere.


  1. Amazing speed and stamina! When I took up running a decade or so ago, the best I managed was 6 miles in 57 minutes (sadly I had to give up running due to a recurring knee problem).

  2. I find that hard to believe, I guess unfortunately your email may have been missed by accident. Try sending another email or go to the Facebook site you will get a response.

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