Windsurfer concern report turns out to be false alarm for Margate RNLI

Margate RNLI

Margate RNLI lifeboat station’s volunteers have responded to a report that turned out to be a false alarm.

UK Coastguard received reports at around 11am today (Saturday 20 April) of a possible windsurfer in difficulties around 100m off Westgate Bay, heading towards St Mildred’s Bay.

Margate RNLI’s D class inshore lifeboat was tasked to investigate along with Coastguard Rescue Teams from Margate and Herne Bay.

The lifeboat carried out a search of the immediate area and quickly located a wing foiler who was on his board and in the process of paddling back to shore, part of his planned excursion on the day.

He was not in difficulties or in need of any assistance and the lifeboat escorted him until his safe return to shore could be observed by coastguard units ashore. The lifeboat then returned to station.

The wing foiler had taken commendable precautions for his day out including adequate clothing, a mobile phone in a waterproof bag and a Personal Locator Beacon.

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Christian Wright, Launching Authority, Margate RNLI said crews are always happy to investigate concerns when things don’t appear right at sea.

He said: “The lifeboat crew were able to locate a leisure sailor who had taken adequate precautions pursuing his pastime which could have made a significant difference to his survival in the event of encountering a problem.

“We are also grateful to the member of the public who had concerns about the person and alerted the coastguard, we are always happy to investigate such concerns rather than assume all is well when it may not be.”