Council expected to agree purchase of further 31 properties for those on waiting list and people in temporary accommodation

How Bellway Homes say Navigator's Walk will look

Thanet council plans to buy 31 affordable rent homes at a housing development in Margate.

The properties at Nash Road have been offered by developer Bellway which says it has  been unable to secure a deal with an affordable housing provider (housing association).

The  9.3 hectare agricultural site off Nash Road was taken on by Bellway Homes in 2022 after outline permission was granted for the scheme. Proposals were initially lodged with Thanet council in 2016 by Piper Developments. Despite a decision to ‘defer and delegate’ approval to officers in August 2017 that outline permission took until  February 2022 to be granted.

The controversial application for ‘Navigators Walk’ had provoked opposition for reasons including environmental concerns and the reduction of affordable homes from 30% (75 homes) to 18% (45 homes). Concerns were also raised by neighbouring St Gregory’s Primary that  changes to the road layout near the school will cause problems for current vehicle and pedestrian access and there will be a danger of speeding vehicles in front of the school.

Council homes

Now Thanet council plans to buy all the units allocated for affordable rent for £4.275m and £574,250 for associated costs.

A report to TDC Cabinet members, who are due to meet next week, says: “Officers were contacted by Bellway, owner of the development known as Nash Road Margate, who are required to deliver 18% affordable housing on site following negotiations.

“As per policy 70% of this is required to be affordable rent this being 31.5 units. The remaining units will be delivered as shared ownership. We have offered on 31 new affordable rent homes. “They have been unable to secure an affordable housing provider to deliver these homes.”

Officers say the purchase would generate a cash flow deficit in year 1 of £47,960 with a break even point in year 16 and surpluses between year 16 and year 50.

The homes bought by the council will be allocated to households on the council’s housing waiting list or those living in temporary accommodation.

The mix of properties will consist of 12 x one bed units; 16 x two bed units; 2 x three bed units and 1 x four bed units.

Bellway Homes says the development will be ready for the first residents to move in from Autumn 2024 to 2025.

Lettings Plan

The report says: “A local lettings plan will be agreed to ensure that 50% of the homes are let to people moving out of temporary accommodation, with the remaining homes let to priority applicants from the council’s Housing Register.

“It is also proposed that they are let at an affordable rent, in line with the council’s approved Tenancy Strategy. The Tenancy Strategy defines an affordable rent, as a rent that is no more that 80% of the local market rent and does not exceed the relevant Local Housing Allowance rate.”

Thanet council plans to buy or build at least 400 new homes by 2027. It has already secured more than 200 homes since last July. Other purchases secured include at Spitfire Green, Reading Street, Tothill Street and Northwood Road.

The purchase will be discussed at a Thanet council Cabinet meeting on April 25.


  1. And what public transport is there in this area for all these new homes? Especially those in the social housing who may not have cars.

    • Good point. Unless it’s the Westwood Cross end, Nash Road is a long walk to a bus stop or even a shop – hardly ideal for those on low income.

  2. So TDC receive in one hand from the sale of the land by selling to developers. Hand back by buying over priced properties that no other housing association is interested in. Gain the benefit of rental incomes until tenant is able to a discount. In the meantime residents pay for improvements as and when required. What will the building warranty be worth. 0%

    • exactly, why didnt they just build them themselves, they could have had contractors do that for them, probably built better housing, and more of them for the money

      • It’s patently obvious that you have little knowledge of TDC’s abilities when it comes to getting building works done and achieving value for money. The money wasted on the exist8ng housing stock is truly amazing.

  3. Excellent – and by the way unelected and unaccountable housing associations can’t take on any properties because the Tory Government have stopped funding them. The law of unintended consequences has resulted in democratically elected councils being back in the housing business. Good news for tenants, those on the waiting list and society in general!

  4. How many homes have tdc now agreed to purchase which won’t break even for well over a decade? Are all these shortfalls going to be affordable from the HRA AND still be able to maintain and update the existing council stock properly?
    Bearing in mind the amount of fire safety work that’s been delayed and put off till the last possible moment and contracts still not in place to do it.

  5. The properties will break even after a period of 16-50 years. If Bellway are building them they won’t last as long as that!!

  6. If evil Thatcher had not sold off the council houses there would not be the accommodation shortage and extortionate rents being charged by private landlords today and more people would have secure a roof over their head for theirselves and their families.
    Well done TDC.

    • If lovely Thatcher hadn’t allowed my father to buy his council house he’d still be poor. Well done GLC.

      • Yup , changed the front door , other people are poor now – so that’s ok
        Thatcher , not a bright women

        • Point is – for a while – she gave a generation of poor working class people an opportunity to vastly improve their lot… a move so popular, she won 3 elections. Now that IS bright.

      • Whatever happened to that lovely Mrs Thatcher Peter, Oh yes the conservative government sacked her, like they did Theresa May, and Lettuce Liz Truss, notice a trend here Peter? My guess is any female offered the job as a Tory leader after the next General Election would be unwise to accept! And what happened after all those council homes were sold off for a song? They were bought up by rogue landlords who have let them out at twice the rent they were before they were sold off, wrecking the housing market. Thats the free market for you though, Duurh!

    • Really ,so it can all be blamed on a government policy of 40 plus years ago, nothing to do with the variour governments and decisions since , especially the multiple millions that we’ve allowed into the country but somehow forgotten to build homes for?

      • Yes, absolutely.
        The crisis in social housing is 100% down to Thatcher’s “Right to buy” scheme.
        If it was such a brilliant idea, why didn’t she extend it to private landlords, too?

        • Because the state can choose to do pretty much as it wishes with its assets ( including labour choosing to stop right to buy, but didn’t) , but there’s a generally held view that you can’t force people to dispose of their property without compensation, and even then its usually in respect of a safety issue ( such as the pistol and semiautomatic rifle ban within the shooting community after dunblane, for which incidentally there has yet to be a final figure for the cost and compensation, it’s generally thought that its way higher than suggested when the legislation was brought before the house).
          I could almost accept that your viewpoint regarding Maggie being 100% responsible for selling off council homes if you limited the number to those sold by the time labour entered No.10, surely beyond that point it’s as much to do with labour policy as Maggies.

  7. No , some electorate were as thick as her . The effects of Thatcher selling off all the family silver have now come to fruition .

      • Cause and effect Peter, what happened when Thatcher introduced the Right to Buy scheme,meant that “Social Housing” became unavailable to those in need who became victims of poor quality housing, by rogue landlords, that continues to this day! Just recently a pensioner friend died after his landlord evicted him for AirBnB or whatever. He was 89 when this happened, and had been a model tenant for years, He was offered a studio flat in Eastbourne, although he had lived all his life in Thanet, Duurh.

    • So, you would honestly struggle financially so that future generations can benefit?

      I don’t believe you.

  8. Are TDC buying these properties using reserves or are they taking out bank loans? Are any government grants involved? These questions should be answered

  9. Previous generations did , as am I .
    You don’t have struggle as much if infrastructures are funded, maintained with probity and noses are out of the trough . Thatcher business – appears to be great when making profit and paying dividends – when it fails expects or necessitates funding from pubic purse to clear up the mess . No housing available as sold off -ignorant and shortsighted

  10. Of course it was never “Right To Buy” – it was right to purchase with a massive discount! The majority of tenants who availed themselves of this usually cited how they had to buy at these ridiculously generous terms. The majority of houses sold off ended up being bought by private landlords who reset them at rents two or three times what Councils had charged. It was also a fraudsters charter with elderly tenants cajoled into buying and being funded by some dubious outfits. When Gordon Brown reduced the discount from 38% to 8% the number of Right to Buys collapsed to almost nil. I worked for Hackney Council during this time and the eight staff we had working in the RTB section all had to be found other jobs. This was only with a reduction. Abolish the ludicrous discount and the real effect of RTB will be very marginal indeed.

    • So, Gordon Brown (no relation) only reduced the discount? He didn’t cancel the scheme. Interesting.

    • But you conveniently ignore that the new landlords of rtb properties bought on the open market , owner occupiers don’t want to live in excouncil housing for the most part. Then seeing as they’ve paid the market price and the property is no longer something built from public subsidy the rent needs to reflect along with the taxes that will be paid , not forgetting of course that a private landlord won’t be benefitting from the likes of the “decent homes standard” which cost the taxpayer over 40 billion in order to bring neglected social housing back to a decent condition, largely because council rents of old were insufficient to maintain and improve the homes.

  11. Pinks couldn’t care less what happens in 40 years, is what is wrong with government and their actions taken today. It is all short term fixes with no forward thinking or planning as to how it may effect people or area in 10, 20, 30, years and beyond.

    • So, you will vote for policies that makes us all poorer, so that future geneerations can benefit?


      Oh, and get cycling and walking. That way they’ll have a cleaner planet.

  12. I believe in sustainable policies, pinkie,not necessarily popular or ill thought out and conceived policies and ideas, there’s enough of those from government either local or national and their unqualified MPs and Cllrs.

    • Walking and cycling instead of driving doesn’t need the input of politicians – you can do that all by yourself if you REALLY care about our children’s children’s future (personally though, I just walk and cycle for ME, with any benefit to others being purely incidental). Let me know if you need advice on Thanet’s right of way paths.

  13. Well done TDC – Thatcher the milk snatcher got social housing in this mess but it scored her votes to stay in power 3 terms, she knew what she was doing but really did not care – pretty much like now, 15 years of Tory austerity – The housing crisis is by far the worst here in Thanet due to the all new Airbnb yuppies giving out section 21’s to long term tenants.
    Section 21’s will be abolished for new tenancies on 1st Oct 2024 and Section 21 abolished for all pre-existing tenancies on 1st Oct 2025.
    Then just need to address the huge Airbnb problem by licencing them and charging local council business tax just as any other business.

    • Your grasp of the taxation issue is more than a bit lacking, the short term holiday let business is covered by business rates like any other business, but because of “small business rate relief” just about all don’t have a bill. It was one of the attractions of the short term furnished holiday let sector. Plus it counts as a business and did get as a result better capital gains tax treatment, wear and tear allowances, all interest treated as a business expense etc etc, so basically treated as any other business. Which rather hoists you by your own petard.
      The anomaly in all this is that the private rented long term letting sector doesn’t get many of these reliefs as its seen as an investment rather than a business.
      But don’t let a few of the realities cloud your view.

  14. Peter Checksfield, Thatcher bought the working class vote, by selling the people’s property and not renewing social housing. It of course appeals to the very selfish who are happy to rip off others in their communities for their own benefit. The housing market is a very sick economic model, gambling with people’s quality of life exploiting an essential – shelter!

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