Road in Cliftonville closed following serious collision

Emergency services at the scene Photo Frank Leppard

A section of Northdown Road in Cliftonville has been closed after a serious collision where a male pedestrian was hit by a car this morning (April 18).

The person has been taken to Kings College Hospital for medical  treatment.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a serious collision involving a car and a pedestrian in Northdown Road, Cliftonville at 11.10am.

“Emergency services are currently at the scene and the road is closed near the junction with Sweyn Road. Motorists are advised to avoid the area and seek alternative routes.”

A South East Coast Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “SECAmb were called shortly after 11am this morning (18/04/24) to reports of a person being hit by a car in Northdown Road, Margate.

“Crews arrived on scene and one person was taken to Kings College Hospital in London for further medical treatment.”


  1. We need a 20 mile an hour limit and speed cameras on Northdown Road.
    The sheer volume of pedestrians coupled with the amount of highly agressive drivers are bound to result in more of this happening

    • As will pedestrians who cross roads looking at their phone/texting on it increasing. As a pedestrian who takes the upmost care crossing every road, I am appalled by many of them who just wander out without looking due to their addiction.

  2. The road is an absolute joke. The zebra crossing opposite express kebabs is a nightmare to cross. I have seen multiple near misses there including one on myself. I have seen drivers on there phones..not wearing seat belts, children in the cars not wearing seat doubled parked on yellow lines..and wen you check the insurance database some cars are not even insured to be on the road and why is it wen something happens you see the whole of kent police and wen nothing no police at all.

  3. they arelooking for witnesses 27 uear old for dangerous driving from my updates given but nothing on the pedestrian has of yet hope all in valved are OK though

  4. people should know how to cross a road, one thing pedestrians do is step out onto the zebra without looking. They should wait for the car to stop. Not assume it will.

  5. your right Fred but also traffic are supposed to stop too at a crossing hence why its there I’m not saying the driver is at fault or pedestrian and I do hope vorh are OK but when approaching a crossing traffic also need to remember to slow down and be prepared to stop no1 knows whose to blame so no judgement should be made either way I’m sure the driver will have this on his conscience for along time a head I’ve seen cars speeding towards a zebra crossing and pedestrians already crossing wirh near misses I know I’ve been 1

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