Ramsgate psychotherapist who turned diary into book awaits second run after selling out in 24 hours

Jula Aniol's book sold out in 24 hours

A psychologist and psychotherapist based in Ramsgate is waiting for a second print run of her new book after the first sold out in just 24 hours.

Jula Aniol published From Co-dependent to Independent: A Psychotherapist’s Diary on February 29th through Olympia publishers and is now waiting for more paperbacks to be printed.

The book began life as a diary but then developed into something aimed at helping those who struggle with self-worth, have experienced trauma or been in abusive, toxic and/or co-dependent relationships.

Jula undertook her training and began practice in her home country of Poland in 2011 and moved to the UK in 2013.

The 35-year-old said: “I practiced for two years in Poland and then moved to the UK, first to London for about four years and then to Ramsgate. I obtained my qualifications in Poland and then obtained another Masters at South Bank University.

“In Poland there is massive stigma around mental health and seeking psychological support.”

Jula says her father Martin has lived in the UK for 20 years and moved to Broadstairs with his wife and their two sons and so prompted herself and husband Drago to come to Thanet.

She said: “I used to travel to the UK for summer holidays and fell in love with the culture and diversity.

“When I finished my studies (at South Bank)  I had had enough of London so we moved here to be close to family.”

The book is a combination of personal stories, help to overcome challenges and a way of showing that even clinicians have their own struggles.

Jula said: “It started out as my diary, I was doing it for my own healing and personal development. I was writing my story and significant times and events that have happened to me.

“I was about halfway through when my husband said ‘your story could be very inspiring, have you thought of publishing?’

“At first I said no but I thought about it and that’s what I did. I started to write in a way that was still personal experiences but also using them to educate about childhood abuse, narcissistic families, trauma, addiction, co-dependency and abusive relationships and how difficult they are to get out from.

“I wanted to not just share my story but to offer practical and actionable tools that I found helpful when I was healing and overcoming difficulties around self-worth.

“It is a book that speaks about restoration of hope and the courage to find yourself again.”

To mark the second print run Jula will be holding a book signing and launch event at Book Bodega in Ramsgate’s Harbour Street next month. The date is to be confirmed but Jula is aiming for May 19th.

Find Jula’s website here

Find details of the book on Amazon here


  1. you should be proud of yourself jula well done wouldn’t mind reading it myself when I get paid I will buy a copy

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