Activists blockade Instro Precision at Discovery Park again

Police are in attendance as activists blockade the Instro Precision site

Activists from Palestine Action have attached themselves to vehicles, blockading the four entry routes to Discovery Park, the base of Instro Precision, this morning (April 15).

Preventing all entry, action has halted production at Instro, a subsidiary of Israel’s weapons company Elbit Systems.

Today’s actions are part of a A15 Global Day of Action for a “Coordinated Economic Blockade to Free Palestine”.

The Instro site, on Artillery Way in the Discovery Park estate, is normally used for the manufacture of target acquisition, surveillance and reconnaissance equipment for the military.

Instro Precision is owned by Elbit Systems, which provides a range of weaponry, including 85% of their military drone fleet and land-based equipment, as well as electronic warfare, bullets, munitions and gun components

Protestors say the action is to highlight the conflict and deaths in Gaza.

In 2019 the firm moved to Discovery Park from Broadstairs, where it had been the target of numerous protests. There have also been several protests at its site in Discovery Park.

Kent Police officers are currently at the scene of the protest.

An armed conflict between Israel and Hamas-led Palestinian groups has been taking place chiefly in and around the Gaza Strip since 7 October 2023.


    • Keith Veness – If they are that brave, go to Israel and protest! Do not forget Iran is now throwing rockets about and targets those that do not agree to their evil regime!!! Major supplier to Russia now

      • FedupB.

        Under new UK Draconian protest laws, they are very courageous!

        The vile actions of the Israeli Government and IDF running amok and slaughtering and maiming citizens in Gaza demands action.

        The IDF broke international law again by killing people in a consulate.

        Iran told Israel and the whole world when it would strike which is why defence was in place.

        Israel didn’t do a good job. Iran has just put Netanyahu back in his box.

        The evil regime is the pariah state of Israel!

        • Clare – you obviously have no idea – have you ever travelled/worked in Middle East? You support Iran with your comments!! I feel so sorry for you with such warped views of world affairs.

        • ‘Very courageous’, how? What risk are they taking safe in the knowledge that the chattering classes are all on their side?

        • What a deranged woman you are! Try being a woman in Iran! Still what do I expect from the usual leftwing trash spouted here by the usual suspects!

      • Isreal stops food going to starving children in Gaza. What chance do you think pro-Palistinian protesters would have of getting in?

  1. It is common for the Israeli government to parrot the mantra it has the right to defend its boarders. So far over 15,000 Palestinian children including babies have been killed by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) in Gaza, and many more severely injured! This is a war crime! Children and especially babies cannot be considered hostile to Israel, but the IDF are killing them as part of the Israel governments terror campaign. Israel are still holding captive thousands of mainly Palestinian men hostage, taken BEFORE the Hamas atrocity last October! Israel depends on munitions from companies they can’t produce themselves, so it is right and proper they are targeted peacefully because they are complicit in this mass murder! I am repeating that aid is still getting through to Gaza, and donations over the phone can be made to Action Aid who are mainly involved with helping women and girls on 01460 238000, and Medical Aid for Palestinians on 020 7226 4114.

    • Scott – Well said but very unlikely with some of the contributors on here I doubt have ever left Thanet or had a job!!!

    • Scott, can you ask whoever it is that does up your shoelaces in the morning to check your medication? You are obviously over dosing on something, so get help.

  2. Instro could be making products that help people – better wheelchairs, lenses for cameras etc etc, instead if weapons that kill Palestinian children. Or just GO!

    • Christine Tongue – What about children slaughter by Hamas or have you conviently forgotten that episode !

      • How can killing thousands of innocent children and babies ever be right! If Hamas is considered a terror organisation, then Israel by the same measure, is a Terrorist state! Killing innocent people by Israel as an act of revenge, is a war crime in my book, and cannot ever be justified. The Israeli’s have turned off the water or reduced it in Gaza, and the same with electricity, and food. They are using tanks, heavy artillery, and fighter bombers to reduce Gaza to the ground!

        Palestinian children and babies are dying of malnutrition, which shows that the Israeli’s have learned from the German NAZI’s who did the same during the 2nd world war to Warsaw, killing thousands of innocent people! Anyone trying to justify Israeli acts of murdering babies, children, and other innocent people, is to condone this atrocity.

  3. Why on earth are the police wasting time protecting an evil organisation like this? We need the police to patrol our streets and to clamp down on the thousands of dangerous drivers on our highways.

    And why can’t Instro take the hint that they are thoroughly unwelcome here?

      • Ms Pink, do you object to people being homeless?

        If so then why not write a polite letter to Mr Netanhayu, who has made millions of people homeless in a matter of months? If you’re on the same wavelength as him then he might actually listen to you

  4. If the UK government banned all weapons sales to Israel, we might believe their calls for a peaceful resolution. But nobody can claim to favour peace if they keep sending weapons to just one side in a conflict. Especially if that one side, Israel, positively groans under the weight of tons of high tech weapons supplied in vast quantities.
    If Israel has a ” right to defend itself” don’t the Palestinians and their allies have a right to defend themselves?
    As about 34,000 Palestinians have been killed so far, don’t they have a right to fire back?
    Then, presumably, the Israelis will have a “right” to blast Palestinian towns again, so the Palestinians then have the “right” to shoot at Israelis with whatever guns they might have, then Israel……..etc etc.
    The point is to stop all this conflict and to stop supplying weapons to carry out slaughter. Until UK goverments stop sending weapons to Israel, the calls from the UK for peace can be seen as a hollow sham.

  5. Plumbob and Pink, let us suspend disbelief for a minute and imagine a world where an evil autocratic government pens up all Pink and Plumbobbed people in Birchington, took away most of their freedoms and tried to starve them to death,what would your position be then, if an organisation, let’s call it the Birchington popular front took up opposition to the government? Would you then call it a terrorist organisation or a freedom association,it all depends on which end of the telescope you are looking through.
    If that government were led by an unprincipled politician, hell bent on shoring up his own position by allying himself with extreme elements would you still support him?
    Rather than stop supplying Israel with munitions of which they buy very little,I would suggest not buying from their arms industry,as we can find other equally efficient death dealing equipment elsewhere,and because Israel is expending around £250m per week in arms purchases, it might do more to rein them in a little.

  6. It’s only a matter of time before the east will be at war with the West. That will suit Sunak because it will give him an excuse to bin his “plan”. As sure as day follows night there will never be peace in the East.

  7. How many of you will be out there defending the innocent?

    None of you is the answer.

    Keyboard warriors that want to sprout off but actually do NOTHING to help the cause you so passionately try and talk about!

  8. God bless the protesters.
    Hamas started it? Murder, torture and persecution have been perpetrated by Israel since 1948. How can anyone ignore this fact? Iran had the right to attack Israel since Israel first attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus, killing senior Iranian leaders. Get things in proportion.

    • Because Truman backed them doing it & every US president & indeed western leader has gone along with it since-sending them weapons, military vehicles, money etc-while sporadically making election speech pitches, where they pretend they will get tough with them & of course do nothing. Money talks & morals walk.

      Have found it hilarious seeing Israel & the western politicians banging on about Israel’s right to ‘defend’ itself by committing genocide & arbitrary attacks-like the one in Damascus. Of course Iran is rendered incapable of defending itself against them, because the US/UK etc keep intervening when they try-as they just did. The only time western politicians & the media have the guts to raise any dissent is when it is western aid workers or journalists being targeted for death by them, when it is Arabs they could care less.

      Dodgy Dave has urged BN to think with his head not his heart, the truth would be to think with his head & not his hatred. But fat chance. He knows the west is toothless-both the politicians & the media & he & his predecessors have been getting away with it for nearly 80 years.

    • Robert Edwards – try reading some subjective history books before spouting off rubbish! Have you conveniently forgotten the murder and rape etc of women and children by Hamas or is such behaviour OK in your world?

      • FedupB, the atrocity stories regarding Hamas are now proven lies. The real atrocities are committed by the IDF.
        The real terrorists are the IDF.
        Hamas is a resistance movement..

      • FedupB, I can be perfectly objective on this issue simply because I am not Jewish. Also, I do not receive the biased distortion of the facts disseminated by the Israeli Embassy.
        Going on about the hostages while ignoring the slaughter of over 30,000 Palestinians by the IDF is an example of this. Ignoring the Israeli attack upon the Iranian consulate in Damascus is another example

    • Oh goodness me George.Nokes! Throwing your usual bile and diatribes about with people you don’t agree with! By the way you crow about 50 years experience of local government, being an Iron Child, experience of being there at the beginning of the Yom Kippur War in 73, being a farmers son. What next grandson of a preacher man? Oh before I forget where were you an elected local Government councillor again? Or is it all made up? Come on where were you a Councillor? Or have forgotten in the mists of time!

      • To Ms. Pink & Fedup and other fascists ?
        I’ve been reading these comments with an open mind. If you believe in a god you could also believe the precise numbers Hamas, an elected humanitarian equal opportunity organisation, publishes.
        The comments about people who’ve never held a job is not really fair. I recognised at least 2 persons who are on someone’s payroll. Luckily, the others surely don’t realise.
        Myself, I’m starting to realise now that I’m the grandson of a pro apartheid grandma, as, living in Belgium during WW II, she helped Jews escape.
        I’m not even addressing that brainless bunch (minus 2) any more. My Iranian (Iranian I said) friends are even more horrified when reading their comments. Don’t waste your time reacting to their posts. With no-one to spit at,sooner or later, they’ll get bored. Not a job.
        I’ll drink to that!

  9. Sorry if my view offends you Mr Nokes but it’s a tough old world Politics and Religion are a certainty to provoke hostility between people.
    They are only words and at the moment in this country we still have a freedom of speech (almost).
    As for name calling I left that at the school gate years ago.

  10. These idiots will still be laying on the floor when the inevitable WW3 breaks out and we need Instro Precision to supply our armies with instruments for defending the country.
    If you love Hamas that much go and join them.

    • A world war will only break out as a result of Israel’s belligerence. In the Middle East it is the only nuclear power as well as an anomaly in terms of historic geographical conformity. It is a bogus state made up of colonists from outside the region. It has no real justification for existing as a true state because it is composed of interlopers preying on indigenous people.
      All strength to the protesters for their moral courage in opposing the further arming of Israel. The Western media should be ashamed of itself for shielding the Israeli state from honest criticism, claiming erroneously that it is “anti-Semitism”, a term used to stifle free speech.

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