Repair Café and Town Shed set to launch in Ramsgate

Inside Radford House (the former fire station building)

Two new projects in Ramsgate that have been ‘in the pipeline’ for some time – a Repair Café and a Town Shed – will launch at Radford House in Effingham Street on Sunday 14th April and Monday 15th April.

The Repair Café is much like the Repair Shop on TV, aiming to help people with the cost of living and to reduce waste by repairing household items whenever possible rather than throwing them away. In Ramsgate, skilled volunteers will help residents do:

  • Fabric, clothing and upholstery repairs
  • Furniture and woodwork repairs
  • Bike repairs and maintenance
  • IT and phone software troubleshooting

The Café will only deal with simple repairs; if what’s needed is more complex, volunteers will provide details of local professional repairers.

The Repair Café will operate as a popup on the second Sunday morning of every month between now and July at Radford House, until the building closes for refurbishment. Repair Café sessions will run between 11am and 1pm on:

  • Sunday 14 April
  • Sunday 12 May
  • Sunday 9 June
  • Sunday 14 July

Radford House Events Co-ordinator Suzy Humphries said: “One of the first things I thought of when we were planning possible ‘meanwhile uses’ for Radford House before its major refurb was a Repair Café – and now, thanks to the efforts of the Town Council’s Climate Change Committee, it’s actually happening.

“We’re hoping to be able to use the skills of our wonderful volunteers to help people save much-loved items from landfill, save a bit of money and learn how to do repairs for themselves in future!”

The second project of the new Town Shed builds on the woodwork and DIY skills that so many people in Ramsgate have, providing a space to come, meet new people, share skills and ideas, even making useful items like bird and bat boxes and to upcycle furniture items. Anyone who has existing skills or would like to learn is welcome to come along and join in.

Organisers have been helped by Broadstairs Town Shed.

The Shed will also run at Radford House, fortnightly on Monday mornings 11am – 1pm, on:

  • Mon 15 Apr
  • Mon 29 Apr
  • Mon 13 May
  • Mon 20 May
  • Mon 3 Jun
  • Mon 17 Jun
  • Mon 1 July
  • Mon 15 July

The Shed will be led by its members – so if you’re interested, you can go along and try it out. For further information, contact [email protected].

The Repair Café and Town Shed projects are initiated by the Climate Change Committee at Ramsgate Town Council. The volunteer project manager is Neville Mutton.

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