Ramsgate man charged over spate of thefts from vehicles

Image Kent Police

A Ramsgate man has been charged over a spate of thefts from vehicles in Thanet.

Officers from the Thanet Victim Based Crime Team focused on offences reported in Ramsgate and Broadstairs between 24 February and 7 April.

Vehicle owners reported items including wallets, bank cards and sunglasses had gone missing.

Lewis Tedham was charged on Monday 8 April with five counts of theft and a further four counts of vehicle interference.

The 30-year-old, of Prestedge Avenue, was remanded in custody to appear at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court  today (April 9).


  1. I guess this was the arm hole that rifled through my car in the evening a few weeks ago. He found nothing of any value, my sunglasses cost me a fiver, 3 years ago and he obviously does not have a market for reselling old CDs as they were left untouched. Next time, at least shut the doors afterwards instead of leaving them wide open! Cretin.

  2. Where does a person have to go to get away from all of this crime? is it country wide? or are there still area’s where you can, well, just live and enjoy your life 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. Thefts from car, house. person dont need them. My thanet partners car was targeted and unfortunately lost their make up bag lifted by a skinny thief who pulled down passenger window, crawled in like a worm and lifted his fave pink lippy s.
    Thanet Victim Based Crime Team, who are they ? are they wfh ?

  4. The family is well known in Thanet over the years for their night time escapades within the scrap metal business of stolen bicycles and motorbikes.
    An unpleasant bunch of brothers, and parents worse by encouraging the litter. Must be slipping up to get caught out. They have never done a proper day’s work for a proper wage.

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