Margate stars in new Mark Steel’s In Town show

Mark Steel's In Town Photo Dan Thompson

By Dan Thompson

Comedian Mark Steel has written a new stand up show, all about Margate.

Every year for Mark Steel’s In Town on BBC Radio 4, the comedian, columnist and author visits six different towns across the UK. He delves into the history, people and idiosyncrasies to try to work out what ingredients combine to make the places distinctive. He then creates a bespoke stand-up show about the town, which he performs in front of a local audience.

He visited Margate in November and December 2023, and was shown around the town by The Isle of Thanet News writer Dan Thompson, who regularly leads history walks. They visited local shops, cafes, studios, and galleries, including Margate Bookshop, GB Pizza, Dalby Cafe, Turner Contemporary, and the Shell Grotto. They also visited a flat in Arlington House, had a private view of the Crab Museum, and took a walk down the Harbour Arm.

Photo Dan Thompson

Mark Steel’s In Town is a celebration of the sort of places in Britain that have their own fascinating stories to tell and local people who are passionate about what their town has to offer. “Essentially,” Mark says, “it’s a best man speech, but about a place.”

The show is now in it’s 13th series. Previously, Mark has recorded shows in well over 50 interesting and unusual places from Penzance in Cornwall to Kirkwall in Orkney.

His Margate show will be recorded at the Lido on 25th April. Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7.30pm recording.

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  1. Very irreverent to put it mildly! And indeed his ‘town’ shows are very funny. I’d expect some of the themes, gripes, conflicts that typically pop up on here to get a mention.

  2. So that’s this week’s political moral maze solved then, thanks to Ms Pinkie. Lefties are all humourless snowflakes who want to ban hilarious but politically incorrect comedians like Jim Davidson and Roy Chubby Brown, and instead make us all watch Eddie Izzard poncing about in a dress and makeup, being outraged about traditional britsh values or something. Which Tories would politely chuckle at because they’re such good sports, and have a better sense of humour than the rest of us. I suppose they must have, for they are surely wetting themselves as they keep foisting the likes of Bojo, Lizzy Dripping, and Sushi Rinak on the nation as our prime ministers! What a hoot.

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