Three charged with theft of building materials

Image Kent Police

Officers have charged three men after building materials were stolen from two addresses in Thanet.

On Friday 1 March, it is alleged that a property on Stone Road in Broadstairs was entered and that scrap metal and heating equipment were stolen.

On Wednesday 3 April, building materials were reportedly taken from inside an address on Cross Road in Birchington.

An investigation by Kent Police officers led to the arrests of three men on Friday 5 April.

Yanko Mladenov, 23, was later charged with conspiracy to steal, driving without a licence and driving without insurance.

Vasko Mladenov, 31 and Mitko Mladenov, 32, were charged with conspiracy to steal.

The three suspects, all of Caxton Road, Margate, were remanded to appear before Folkestone Magistrates’ Court today (April 8).


  1. The lefties will still argue that they deserve to be allowed to stay in the UK even though they have been charged for theft. Anyone who is not a natural born UK citizen who commits crimes should be sent back to their own country. Over 12% of our prison population are foreign nationals. The UK cannot afford to keep paying out for people who do not deserve to be here.

    • I agree with most of that but think sentences should be served before they are deported.

    • I agree.

      I also believe there should be legislation which says that anyone who gains the right to live in the UK, will deported immediately if they are found guilty of committing a crime and will never be permitted to enter the country again.

    • And what if their home countries don’t want them back? Stealing scrap metal!! Surely they can do better than that?

    • An interesting statistic.
      According to the last Cencus, 14% of the UK’s population were immigrants.
      If immigrants only make up 12% of the prison population, it follows that immigrants are more law abiding than the indigenous population.

        • Only if the 12% were illegal immigrants.
          We could reduce it by 88% by sending the indigenous miscreants somewhere – Australia, perhaps.

          • Why only if they’re ‘illegal’ immigrants?
            I think that Spain (for example) has every right to deport Brits who break their laws. Why should Spain be forced to keep them?

    • And they may not, in the absence of definitive evidence people are free to draw whatever conclusions they wish. If it was to transpire that they arrived here as migrants and have been living off the goodwill of the taxpayer whilst engaging in petty crime ( but not so petty for the victims) what would you feel is a suitable sanction?
      Personally i feel they need to be treated as any other citizen of the nation. However there should be some proper analysis of crime statistics in respect of country of origin and liklihood of various nationalities offending and migration policy adjusted accordingly. There are plenty of honest decent people who’d embrace the opportunity to call the UK their home, perhaps we should be more selective.

  2. Interestingly Andrew, you could also say that these 12% are foreign nationals which mean they do not live in the UK permanently so the 12% is actually a massive figure contrary to what you would have people believe.
    Andrew, you can try to use your left wing ideology and reasoning to accuse everyone who disagrees with you of being a racist, you can also spout drivel that it’s unfair to have such a high concentration of Muslim and minority inmates but please don’t ignore the basic facts that they are incarcerated because they are criminals who have been found guilty of crimes that they have committed.

    • Bbeing a “foreign national” means that you do not have a British passport. it doesn’t mean that you don’t live in Britain permanently.

      How can 12% be a “massive figure” compared to 88%?

      • No, that’s not what ‘foreign national’ means. Millions of British people don’t have a passport. And 12% is a huge number compared to other countries.

        • What other countries’ stats are is irrelevant.
          The fact remains that (using data on this thread) pro-rata a banged up criminal is more likely to be indigenous than immigrant.

          • I’d love to know which people in Britain are ‘indigenous’. Surely we’re all descended from people who came here from other lands?

  3. What would be really interesting is what percentage of crimes committed were by non British born residents and their nationality and ethnicity.

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