Man due in court on 16 charges of shoplifting

Image Kent Police

A 30-year-old man has been charged following an investigation into shoplifting reports in Thanet.

Yesterday (April 2) officers from the Thanet Neighbourhood Task Force arrested Dean Pemble, of no fixed address, who was later charged with 16 counts of shoplifting.

The counts relate to 13 thefts from a petrol station store in Garlinge between 1 November 2023 and 14 March this year, where a combined total of £934 worth of items were reported stolen, including meat, alcohol, ready meals, and confectionary.

Mr Pemble was also charged with stealing protein powder worth £47 from a store in Enterprise Road, Margate on 17 November 2023, meat worth £46 from a supermarket in High Street, Broadstairs on 11 January 2024, and a pair of trainers and socks worth £65 from a shop in Broadstairs on 25 February 2024.

He was remanded to appear at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court today (April 3).


  1. Self service shops need to understand some may take advantage and take it as an opportunity to temporally avoid payment.
    Time for self service shops to make their shops not self serve, it can be done it has been done.
    Hope Dean gets the help he deserves but maybe there is a long council funded wait list. What is protein powder is it like snuff ?

  2. Are you having a laugh?

    And Protein Powder helps build body mass.

    One of the reasons food price rises is because of theft, so to keep costs down they make people redundant!

    Thieves have been doing this long before self service, so give your head a wobble.

    Ps… its called “self service” not “help yourself”!

  3. He is just one of an increasing breed of professional thieves.

    How many other times has he stolen and not got caught ?

    We used to send people like him to Australia. Perhaps he should be put on the first flight to Rwanda . . .

  4. A few weeks ago as I was parking up my Mobility Scooter in the foyer of ASDA Ramsgate, a young man ran past me setting off the alarm! Staff ran after him without any luck, and one said he had stolen some meat! ASDA recently installed an expensive looking set of railings to guide customers so they didn’t run out after shop lifting, which obviously didn’t work! I saw a report recently that said shop lifting had increased 400% since supermarkets installed Self Service machines, and many are replacing them with Staff, clearly ASDA didn’t see the report!

  5. Most self service counters only have two or three checkouts where you can pay in cash and about 10 to 15 pay by card. There is always a queue for the cash one’s. Maybe he got fed up waiting ages to pay for his shopping. That is no excuse for stealing though.

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