‘Do not travel’ advice issued by Southeastern ahead of latest rail strike

Southeastern trains Photo John Horton

Southeastern is advising passengers not to travel on Monday (April 8) due to strike action by train drivers’ union ASLEF.

Southeastern will only run a limited service on its network and warns there are also strikes on neighbouring networks and the London Underground meaning travel in and around London will be extremely difficult.

Trains that are running are expected to be very busy, there will be long queues outside stations, and services will be starting later and finishing much earlier than usual.

Southeastern services will run on the following lines only:

  • Dartford to London via Bexleyheath
  • Dartford to London via Sidcup
  • Highspeed between Ashford International and London St Pancras International
  • Between Orpington and Charing Cross

All other lines will be closed and no replacement bus services will be provided. Online journey planners are up to date with detailed travel information.

Scott Brightwell, Southeastern’s Operations & Safety Director, said:   “We are only able to run an extremely limited service during this ASLEF strike action and our advice to customers is do not travel.

“There are likely to be long queues at the small number of stations that are open, which will lead to extended journey times for those who are travelling. In addition, services that are running will start later in the morning and finish much earlier in the evening.

“There is also strike action taking place across other operators, and on London Underground, so anyone who absolutely must travel should check their entire journey well in advance.

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience that this strike action will cause but we will be running a full service on all other days.”

ASLEF has also announced an overtime ban from Thursday 4 April to Saturday 6 April, and from Monday 8 April to Tuesday 9 April.

Southeastern expects to run a full service during this time, except for Monday 8 April.

ASLEF says the action is to get train drivers, who have not had a pay rise for five years, the salary increase they deserve.

General Secretary Mick Whelan said: ‘Last month, when we announced renewed mandates for industrial action, because, under the Tories’ draconian anti-union laws, we have to ballot our members every six months, we called on the train companies, and the government, to come to the table for meaningful talks to negotiate a new pay deal for train drivers who have not had an increase in salary since 2019.

‘Our members voted overwhelmingly – yet again – for strike action. Those votes show – yet again – a clear rejection by train drivers of the ridiculous offer put to us in April last year by the Rail Delivery Group which knew that offer would be rejected because a land grab for all the terms & conditions we have negotiated over the years would never be accepted by our members.”


    • Is that the AI/Computer control that has seen multiple train crashes in countries where they use it? The computer control that has seen driverless cars killing & injuring people & one recently that tried to drive the owner over a cliff?

    • Get rid of the railway directors. They are not at all sorry for the inconvenience of the strikes, even though their stubborness is invariably the root cause of the strikes, because they won’t suffer any financial hardships

  1. Train drivers think they are God’s gifts. True go AI, with satellite navigation. Oh dear will they strike then, or plead for their overrated and oveepaid jobs back.

    • It’s funny how people swallow the Daily Mail narrative and they always put the blame on the drivers and the unions, and never on the fat cats in the boardrooms.

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