Ramsgate teen ‘excited’ to perform in Minster Playhouse production of Frankenstein

Madi (in red) on stage in Across The Line

A Ramsgate teenager who fell in love with acting when she was just nine will be taking on one of the lead roles in the latest Minster Playhouse production of Frankenstein.

Madison McCone, 17, says she was shocked to be asked to play Elizabeth – Victor Frankenstein’s wife – when she had only planned on auditioning for the smaller role of housemaid Berta.

The former St George’s student said: “I was looking to audition as Berta as on the facebook post it had the age range and how many lines so I thought I’d go and hope for the best.”

But when it was her turn to audition Madi was asked to read through some lines for the character of Elizabeth.

She said: “I was a bit taken aback as her age range was 25-50 so I didn’t think I would get that part.

“I know the basis of Frankenstein but didn’t know much about the characters but then they had me back to read Elizabeth again in a different scene and they seemed to really like it.”

Madi was offered the part and says she is looking forward to getting on stage.

She said: “The rehearsals are looking good and I am really excited to work with the director Laura (Portanier) and the amazing cast.”

Frankenstein will be performed at Minster Village Hall from Wednesday 15th May until Saturday 18th May (ticket details at end of article).

Madi already has a number of acting achievements under her belt ranging from a role in Bugsy Malone with Thanet’s Regency Productions, performing in the West End with the Pauline Quirke Academy (PQA) providing voice overs and acting in campaign videos for Kent County Council highlighting issues of domestic abuse and bullying and a possible recall for a feminine hygiene commercial due to be filmed in Bulgaria.

Madi, who also works as a character actor at Quex Park and is on the staff at Under 1 Roof Thanet, said: “It all started when I was about nine and my mum found a local acting group that did classes for musical theatre. I’d never really thought about acting before but I went along and found something I really enjoyed.

“I loved being on the stage. I was never really a dancer or singer but I loved the acting, using facial expressions and being really over-dramatic!”

Madi’s first proper show with a speaking part was the Bugsy Malone production. Shortly after she joined PQA and stayed with them for six years, leaving at the end of this February due to approaching her 18th birthday.

Recent shows Madi has taken part in include being secondary lead in Across The Line at His Majesty’s Theatre in London and Wind/Rush Generation(s) with National Theatre Connections partnered with The Gulbenkian Canterbury which has a final performance in Tunbridge on April 20.

She said: “At PQA there are three areas, musical theatre, comedy and drama and film and TV and I really like the screen side of acting as well as the shows. I just loved PQA, it gave me more confidence and was a really close knit group.”

Madi has signed with agents Bondi Talent, Lacara and Lucy Harrison Casting and says under those agencies she has gained experience with auditions and producing self tapes.

Esmé, Madi and Vinnie

Following in her footsteps are cousin, Upton pupil Esmé, nine, and Madi’s younger brother St George’s pupil Vinnie, 10. Esmé has modelled for Faune, and been in a Lego infomercial and Joma Jewellery advert. Vinnie has just been confirmed for his first short film and is a boxing student, recently having a masterclass with Nigel Benn, He also reached the final four for the lead in a HBO TV series currently being filmed in Wales.

Frankenstein is being performed at Minster Village Hall, May 15-18, curtain up at 7.30pm each night.

Tickets are £12 from: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/minsterplayhouse

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