Stagecoach staff and friends on Loop route pub crawl for charity

Stagecoach crew and friends on a previous charity fancy dress pub crawl

Stagecoach staff and friends are on the Loop route today (March 30) – but without their buses as they are undertaking their annual charity fancy dress pub crawl.

The group have donned sea-themed outfits this year as they are raising money for the RNLI to mark the charity’s 200th anniversary.

They set off this morning from Ramsgate’s Royal Victoria Pavilion for a route then taking in Westwood Cross, Margate, Broadstairs and back to Ramsgate.

The 30-strong crowd hit pub 12 – Lesters – at about 3.30pm, marking their halfway point.

They are joined by their usual mobile DJ providing tunes and doing requests for a small donation to the charity.

Staff member Gary Johnson said: “We have been wanting to do the RNLI for a while now and this year fits in with their 200 anniversary.

“Hopefully we can raise quite a bit for a worthy charity. We do different ones every year, and have done children with cancer, MND and Caring for Connor previously.”


  1. Comments like this inspire me to donate to the RNLI.
    I’d sooner love next door to literally anyone on any of those boats than real world and their dullard opinions

    • Hmmm . . . this is part of the problem if the house next to yours is already occupied.

      We can’t build houses on our farmland quick enough to accommodate the hundreds of people that arrive every week.

      So you are going to have to budge up a bit Ian and let half a dozen refugees come and live in your house . . .

  2. Let’s hope reel wurld isn’t sharing his 1789 vintage Benjamin Beale bathing machine with his hero Nigel Farage one summer’s day and finds it’s been swept out past the Nayland Rock by a sudden rip tide of sewage. If I were a member of the lifeboat crew called to rescue them I’d instead be inclined to attach a very heavy anchor on a short chain and watch them disappear into the brown briny depths..

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