St Laurence Junior children embark on Viking journey to Canterbury Cathedral

A trip to Canterbury Cathedral for St Laurence CE Junior Academy children

In an exciting educational venture, the Year 4 and 5 students of St Laurence CE Junior Academy embarked on a captivating trip to Canterbury Cathedral as part of their immersive study on The Vikings.

Guided by their enthusiastic teachers, Mr Spencer, Mrs Campbell and Mr Wells, the young historians delved into the rich history and culture of the Viking era.

Canterbury Cathedral opened its doors to the eager students, offering a curriculum-linked experience tailored to enhance their understanding of the Viking age. The visit provided an opportunity for the children to immerse themselves in the past, exploring the intricate details of Viking life through engaging activities.

Mr Wells, year 4 teacher, said: “Having been on lots of school trips, this was one of the best. The children absorbed every single moment and demonstrated great respect for such a historical building and surroundings.

“The children enjoyed a tour of the cathedral, learning all about the history of the cathedral and how it linked to our topic, The Vikings. They also showed wonderful enthusiasm when carrying out activities in the educational room as well as a quick trip to the shop to go home with some memories of their day.”

Among the highlights of the visit was a captivating costume trail and guided tour, allowing the students to visualise and experience the daily lives of Vikings first-hand. From the majestic architecture of the cathedral to the tales woven into its ancient walls, every corner resonated with the echoes of history, bringing their chosen topic to life in vivid detail.

Year 5 pupil Connah said: “My favourite part was when we got to role play as Vikings. I got the chance to chop my friend’s head off. We also learnt about the Vikings’ kidnapping the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

The educational trip not only deepened the students’ knowledge but also ignited their curiosity, inspiring them to further explore and appreciate the complexities of the past.

History lead Mrs Campbell said: “The Year 4 and 5 children had an exciting time at Canterbury Cathedral, researching the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons within multiple activities and a dressed-up tour of the cathedral.

“ From writing with a quill in Viking language to sketching the historic building, the children continued their History learning to complete their unit on the Vikings. What an amazing opportunity this was for our children to experience – as well as going on the train again.”

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