Mr Barbers set to expand with opening of third branch in Margate

Gökhan Beydili at his Ramsgate barber shop

A popular barber shop business is set to expand with the opening of a new branch in Margate.

Mr Barbers already has venues in Ramsgate and Herne Bay but demand for the service has prompted owner Gökhan Beydili to launch the third shop.

The dad-of-two, who lives in Margate, was initially the manager of a shop in Deal and then the Ramsgate barber shop which opened in 2019. The Herne Bay branch followed in 2022 and Gökhan became the owner when his previous boss sold the business to him.

The 35-year-old said: “In Turkey at summer time the holidays are for three months and (young people) go to work. When I was 16 years old I was barbering.  Then I work part time in a barber shop and go to school. I came to London in 2017 to learn the language and learn business.

“Before I finished my school, I applied for the Ankara Agreement (a customs union to help secure Turkey’s full membership in the European Economic Community) and it was approved.

“I worked in London for about 6 months. Transportation, high cost of living and the crowd were very tiring. I saw in the newspaper ads that there was a job here (Kent) and I came here for a job interview. I liked it very much and we agreed with the new workplace so I left my job in London and started working and living here.”

The traditional Turkish barbers offers haircuts, hot towel or wet shaves, waxing and massage and also has a cute car shaped seat for youngsters.

The Margate shop will open at 20a Marine Gardens, Margate, in mid-April. The property is currently being decorated.

The Ramsgate barbers is at 41 Queen Street and the Herne Bay store is in the town’s High Street.

There are 10 ‘chairs’ across the three sites.

Find Ramsgate’s Mr Barbers on facebook here


  1. My humble opinion is mr Gökhan Beydili and other new start businesses are very welcome on the isle. Well done & thank you.

    So many barbers and hair dressers in f hanet But why do so many people look like they have been sleeping on a pier or car park ?
    Well done to all Turkish barbers.

    • I welcome them too (far better than empty shops), but like you say, with so many scruffs around it is difficult to know who’s using them.

  2. Most barbers are rip-offs & unhygienic. They are a mass chairs in & out set-up & the combs etc go straight from one head to the next-those old enough to remember Andrews in the 1980’s may remember the Nits they transfered from infested heads to others with this routine. Just get your own clippers & buzz it.

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