The Micro Museum in Ramsgate gets ready to celebrate 10th anniversary

Inside The Micro Museum

This Easter marks the 10th anniversary of The Micro Museum in Ramsgate.

In 2014, The Micro Museum opened to the public as the first museum in Kent dedicated to the history and experience of vintage home computing and games.

The venue showcases owners Mike and Carol Deer’s private collection of hundreds of personal computers, games consoles and related technology.

Gathered over more than four decades, the displays span the period from the 1970s to the early 2000s.

Ramsgate Micro Museum Photo Ed Thompson

Mike said: “Our collection began at the time when technology was developing beyond scientific, educational and office environments and moving into the homes of ordinary people, bringing computing within reach of everyone.

“We realised that as older equipment was being replaced, the earliest devices were going to be lost or simply scrapped. Our mission was to save what we could to eventually create our dream – a place where visitors can enjoy seeing and using original computers and games consoles.”

Inside the micro museum there is something for everyone: for the curious wanting to learn a bit about how we arrived at our modern computer-reliant world, for those taking a trip down memory lane and rediscovering their old favourites, or for the dedicated games players who can play the classics on original machines.

Thousands of visitors from all parts of the world have already visited the museum where the emphasis is on having fun. Even when the pandemic forced a temporary closure, Mike and Carol and the Museum team continued to entertain and educate with a series of videos that can be found on their YouTube channel.

The Micro Museum was awarded a 2015 Pride in Thanet Tourism Award, and in 2016, 2017 and 2018 Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence. Last year it was a Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice destination.

The owners and their collection have featured in the national and local press, on national and local radio and TV and most recently in the BBC TV show Bargain Hunt.

The Micro Museum is at 11 Church Hill. It is seasonal, opening at weekends from Spring to Autumn with some additional openings at holiday times.

It reopens for the season on March 30 and 31st, closed Good Friday and Easter Monday.

More details can be found on the website



  1. I went to a talk given there about Ada Lovelace, the companion of Charles Babbage. He was the chap who built the first mechanical computer, a magnificent thing of brass and steel and cogwheel.

    • Ada Lovelace – the first computer programmer on the planet, and the only legitimate daughter of Lord Byron (the Poet).

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