Northdown children visit Cliftonville community space ARK

A visit to ARK for Northdown children

Children from Northdown Primary School’s ACE mentoring programme were invited to ARK, Cliftonville’s community space, in Margate’s synagogue this week.

The Margate school children were immersed in Jewish life, with Eli and Nathan leading them through some principles of Jewish culture.

The youngsters were able to create stained glass patterns using the synagogue windows as a reference, and then learnt about the festival of Passover and designed their own Seder plates to help celebrate.

ARK provides a wealth of community projects with yoga, choir, dance, mindfulness and parenting groups, as well as opening their doors to the schools of Margate.

Penny, 8, really enjoyed her visit: “I was grateful to be chosen to go, and I learned that Passover is 7-8 days.”

Olivia, 8, agreed: “I learned so many facts, and Eli and Nathan were so nice.”


  1. The brainwashing in religion always starts when they are young & unable to apply rational thinking.

  2. There’s a big difference between a class visit to a synagogue – or any other place of worship – and being “brainwashed” into believing in a religion. Such “brainwashing” takes a lot more than the odd day or half day away from the classroom where the children would normally be studying .

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