Five arrested after person hit over head with hammer in Birchington

Image British Transport Police Kent

Five people have been arrested after a teenager was hit over the head with a hammer in Birchington.

British Transport Police, with assistance from Kent Police, made the arrests and seized a hammer and a knife.

On social media platform X BTP Kent said: “A busy couple of days for officers in Kent, having made several arrests and attended a large variety of incidents ranging from drunk & disorderly persons to trespassers, assaults and GBH.

“The GBH occurred at Birchington whereby a person was hit over the head with a hammer.

“Fortunately he did not sustain serious injuries. A hammer and knife was seized from the scene and five arrests were made with the assistance of Kent Police,

“All five were interviewed and bailed as there are further enquiries to conduct.”

A BTP spokesperson later added: “Officers were called to Birchington railway station just after 4.15pm on 16 March following reports of a teenager being assaulted.

“Officers attended and thankfully the victim did not sustain any serious injuries. Five teenagers were arrested in relation to the offence and have since been released on conditional bail. Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”


  1. just another day in paradise , how they try to flog this area as a holiday destination is beyond me , yesterday there was artwork calling this area ” the riviera ” give us a break its more like detroit

  2. “Five arrested after person hit with over head with hammer in Birchington”…

    You might want to re-write that headline.

  3. It will be nothing like Detroit. The city is dilapidated and truly huuuugge. The square acreage will be eye watering compared with Thanet. The crime rate per hectare will be vastly lower in Detroit.

    But. The guns…

          • And anyone that disagrees with Ms Pink.Can you also rename the IOT as Thanet Truth Social and then you can persuade a lot of credulous, angry people to lose a lot of money as is about to happen in the USA

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          • Read the guidelines. This is about offensive comments or personal abuse, it is not about creating a new game of complaints. I simply am asking people to think about what they are posting, a perfectly reasonable request

          • And you feel it’s Ok for people to imply that “Checksfield” is a violent druggy, yet you remove the word “Wales” from my comment???

            I guess I need to take my complaint to a higher authority… again!

          • George Nokes’ drug reference is still here. What medication I may or may not be on is my private business – not for others to reveal.

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  4. Bailed? Really. Surely if you attack somebody with a hammer, you set out to cause them serious injury. Staggering

  5. Atorvastatin is a common or garden station that GPs love to prescribe to over 65s and know I don’t have a heart condition or high blood pressure,yet I am lumbered with taking it.
    Having guidelines is a good thing, and while my various editors do edit, I don’t get over excited about it.
    Ms Pink or her many alter egos should alter her M O and try to use fact, knowledge and understanding when corresponding with those she disagreed with.Calling women witches and dissing others at a drop of a hat, will not win friends or persuade editors to treat her as a specially protected category.
    So here’s a one time deal Ms Pink,stick to the guidelines ,debate rather than decry and I won’t take the Michael out of Birchington.

    • You are not ‘lumbered’ at all in taking this medication. It’s a preventative measure. It’s entirely up to you, you’re not forced to take it!

      • Laurence – very well put. Some peoples ideas are associated with their limited knowledge of a subject. This Nokes character becomes very boring after a time. I have great sympathy for Mrs Bailes in attempting to keep her site one that you would wish to be associated with and with positive polite comments from responsible contributors

  6. Dear oh lor’, what’s happened to Birchington. reel wurld is right, it’s just like Detroit. I read the Motor City has just recorded its lowest homicide rate since 1966, a mere 252 during 2023. Along with thousands of non fatal shootings, assaults, burglaries etc. But considering it’s a depressed city with a population of 600,000, I reckon pro rata that Birchington must be much more violent, despite Ms Pink patrolling the streets with her portable stocks and tar and feathering apparatus. I’d argue in its defence that the miscreants reported here might not be not local but peripatetic hammer wielders, since the incident took place at the Station? Of course in my day the ruffians would have been dealt with by the (permanently manned) station staff themselves. County lines laudenum dealers would have been sniffed out by the station cat while the 2.15pm from London Bridge was taking on coal, and soundly thrashed by the Station Master, then the Assistant Station Master, then the Chief Porter, the Assistant Porter, the Head Gardener, the Assistant Gardener, the Chief Lavatory Attendant, and so on down to the third chimney boy being invited to have a whack. They would then then be lightly poached in the boiler of the SECR N class locomotive before it continued its journey to Ramsgate Sands Station. The village filth, sorry, bobby, would turn a blind eye, there would be no woke lefty lawyers to complain, and the snivelling (and still steaming) criminals would be given a cup of tea and a slice of lardy cake by the local Vicar, who’d been summonsed to preach them a sermon on their wicked ways. And if very lucky, local dignitary Professor Checkers might be passing through on his return from a son et lumiere presentation of the Dave Clark Five in Concert at the Crystal Palace, (in the presence of his Majesty King Edward VII no less!), and treat them to a turn on his wind up gramophone, possibly playing Cliff Richard’s latest shellac waxing, “We’re all going on a Summer Holiday to Lord George Sanger’s Hall by the Sea”. The opium dealers will have felt they’d been treated harshly but fairly, and would have turned over a new leaf. Or moved to London and become pimps in the thriving prostitution industry. Bring back the old days!

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