Cliff Bar boss gives Lido building a makeover and urges others to help spruce up lower prom area

A clean up for the Lido building Photo Frank Leppard

Lido snooker and pool club and Cliff Bar owner Neville Borck has swung into action to give the surrounding area a makeover ahead of the tourist season.

The Lido building is getting a fresh coat of paint to cover up graffiti, although the fisherman mural will stay – and new tarmac has also been laid.

Neville, who was Lido manager for many years before buying the site with business partner Martyn Buckley for £100,000 in February 2017, says someone has to step up and improve the stretch coming from Margate Winter Gardens to Walpole Bay.

Neville is working to make the area more welcoming Photo Frank Leppard

He said: “We are working on the front face of the Lido as Spring and Summer are coming. Margate’s tourist trade id on the up and up but walking on the lower prom from just past Turner Contemporary you have the closed Winter Gardens, the diabolical looking Lido, the old swimming pool that the council won’t refurbish and then you go towards Walpole, the jewel in the Cliftonville swimming crown.

Photo Frank Leppard

“Someone has to make an effort. The Winter Gardens is a massive problem for us with so many people now parking along the prom, making it impossible for emergency vehicles to get through.

“The Lido has a mass of street art on the outside part that is really old fashioned and people are blind to it because it has been there so long. We are looking to start off with a clean slate.

“We could go further along the lower prom if the council was to hold up their end and give the pool a paint.”

Neville says the area needs to be cheered up as the beach at the rear is very popular with people in the Summer despite having no facilities.

Photo Frank Leppard

He says council proposals for the pavilion/café at Walpole Bay as part of the Margate Town Deal are a start but everyone needs to pitch in and make the area more welcoming for locals and holidaymakers.

The snooker/pool hall and Cliff Bar  has a busy summer ahead after a link up with Live Nation, Soundcrash and Glasswork promoters to bring in live acts.

Photo Frank Leppard

The Cliff Bar  was recently used for sell-out Libertine gigs and the venue will welcome The Orb this Saturday (March 23) as part of the O.R.B.O.R.E.T.U.M tour, celebrating 35 years of electronic music from Alex Paterson.

Doors open 7pm, 18+. Buy tickets at:

The line up includes Mystery Jets, Transmission, Babybird and the Libertines are also likely to make a return to the Cliff Bar this Summer.

Photo Frank Leppard

The snooker/pool hall and bar is open 5pm to midnight. Find out what’s coming up on the Margate Lido facebook page at:

Photo Frank Leppard

The Lido complex is made up of three sites.

In 2014, Stour Side Developments acquired two plots at the Lido, including the car park, for £699,999. The purpose of the buy was to develop residential apartments or re-sell after having secured planning permission but no progress was ever made and the firm went into administration.

The third Lido site, of the snooker and pool club, was bought by Lido Streetview Limited – run by Neville and Martyn Buckley.

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  1. As a resident I am grateful that someone is making the effort to improve the site (thank you). Sadly I think it will just become a blank canvass for all the ‘people’ that seem to want to mark their existence with a bit of paint. Quite sad and pathetic really 😥

  2. Perhaps some quality graffiti art? It has been proved in many locations around the country that quality work discourages random graffiti artists. Look at the dozen or so large works created a few years ago in Margate and Westbrook, and even the hoardings around Arlington as proof of this.

  3. Neville Borck, sir. You are a hero!

    Full marks for putting your money and time into helping make the Lido area, and the Cliff bar in particular, a more welcoming venue for locals and visitors alike.

    TDC take note! This is how it should be.

  4. Let’s hope they’ve removed the ten tonne of pigeon droppings from them nesting in the Cliff Bar roof for the past thirty years.

  5. Nice picture of Neville on the flat roof. Of the Cliff Bar. Always a good idea. Just hope Health and Safety Executive do not see it.

    • Paul Round.

      God grief, is that all you can say ffs? Try praising the man, not criticising his method of working.
      I despair!

      • Why ignore H&S ?

        How many H&S regs are the workers breaking ? Did they leave the MWEP to gain access to the roof ? No high viz, no restraint hardness, no hard hats, no safety boots, no scaffolding.

        The ramsgate boat yard got a big fine for less.

        Personally I wont praise a man for poor working practices

        • Confused,

          For Chrissakes give it a rest. No wonder everybody is so miserable these days with prairie hats like you are moaning all the time instead of praising good efforts.
          How you can comment on his working practices from seeing a couple of photos heaven knows. Were you there to witness yourself? No, thought not.
          You illustrate well the downside of anonymous social media . Smile ffs, and I will also second Mudboy’s comment, ‘I bet you are fun at parties’.

          • You can plainly see in the picture. if any of the people on the roof. took a wrong step. it would be a big one. At very least very long hospital visit. But most likely their last step. As Confused stated Ramsgate Slipways got a big fine for standing on a pallet. on a fork lift at about 15 foot high. HSE have unlimited fines. and do not care how long they spend investigating accidents, as company or person they are looking into pay their hourly rate. For all the time they are investigating.

          • Ton

            Would you be happy if one of your family fell to their death due to the lack of H&S. I guess you would be happy.

            Its shocking that people think that working on a roof without restraints, or scaffolding. You cant leave a MWEP at height so why is it there ? They arent working from it.

            Even on the ground with wackier plate and roll no sign of ear defender and poor hi viz.

            Still doesnt matter as the bloke is making the place look better

  6. Maybe the disused swimming pool could be turned into a rockery, with some attractive plants and bushes etc?

  7. Very well done Neville and Martyn. We are two eighty year olds and remember how the Lido used to look. Good luck to you both.
    A good idea Sarah but it would still be nice if the swimming pool could return.

  8. well done to everyone involved in the clear up thank you but has 1 has mentioned H&S is a must I’m afraid you should all be wearing your safety gear but I’m really thankfully for you helping and yes TDC it wouldn’t hurt for your help in helping those that care enough to use their own money so why can’t you you some of the money you’ve got to help that would be great or even get those doing probation to help paint and tidy up that are doing community service this way you don’t have to pay for labour that would save alot of money just sort out paying for equipment needed pain brushes ect thanks again neville and Martin

  9. Was there an after picture to show what it looked like when finished?
    Looked like a complete lack of Health & safety being used up on the roof.

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