Ward change proposals for Thanet as district council seats due to be cut from 56 to 42

Thanet council Photo Frank Leppard

Thanet will have 14 fewer district councillors from 2027 following a decision by the Local Government Boundary Commission.

A new pattern of wards is now being developed for Thanet following agreement that council seats should reduce from 56 to 42.

The Commission is reviewing Thanet to make sure councillors each represent about the same number of electors, and that ward arrangements help the council work effectively.

A ten-week consultation on the proposals will run until 27 May so the Commission can hear views on which communities should be part of the same ward, what facilities  people share, such as parks, leisure centres or schools and shopping areas and what issues neighbouring communities face that they have in common, such as high numbers of visitors or heavy traffic.

The Commission will use local views to help it draw up proposals for new ward boundaries. There will then be a further round of consultation.

Launching the consultation Professor Colin Mellors, Chair of the Commission, said: “We want people in Thanet to help us.

“We are starting to draw up new wards for Thanet. We want our proposals for new electoral arrangements to reflect communities. We also want them to be easy to understand and convenient for local people.

“Residents and local organisations can help us understand community ties and identities at this early stage of the process.

“It’s easy to get involved. Go to our website. Or you can e-mail or write to us.

“Just tell us what you think and give us some details why you think that. It’s really simple, so do get involved.”

Thanet council leader Rick Everitt said: “I welcome the boundary commission’s agreement to reduce the number of district councillors to 42, which was a figure the council recommended after reaching a cross-party consensus and based on advice about the lowest number the commission would be likely to accept as practical for Thanet.

“Many councils have reduced in size in recent years. It’s important that we balance the need to represent all the different communities in Thanet effectively with an efficient decision making process and this number should enable us to do that.”

People can give their views via at https://www.lgbce.org.uk/all-reviews/thanet or by e-mail at [email protected], and by post: Review Officer (Thanet). LGBCE, PO Box 133, Blyth, NE24 9FE


19 March – 27 May 2024Initial public consultation on communities
3 September – 11 November 2024Public consultation on proposals
4 February 2025Commission publishes recommendations
TBD Parliament is asked to approve recommendations
2027New arrangements apply to local elections


  1. One wonders if this will take into consideration the mass developments taking place and proposed developments in Thanet.

  2. Can somebody please explain the maths to me?

    If we need fewer councillors does that mean the population of Thanet is decreasing? Or that councillors will need to work harder and faster? Or is it simply because democracy is dying and councillors are becoming as powerless as the rest of us?

    • Individual councillors larger populations to cover and will have more work to do. But in the face of so much online aggression and general political apathy fewer and fewer people are willing to take on the role of councillor, so that is an added advantage.

  3. So Labour push through two Councillor Allowance rises totalling almost 16% to “encourage more working age Councillors” at the same time they were fully aware that the numbers of councillors across the district will be falling.

    Very strategic.

  4. Thanet is a island and the boundary should be the river watsum, all this is nonsense as for councillors cut back to 20 and save money paid to be put back in to services

  5. Thanet is so small, it should be disbanded potentially becoming a parish. Thanet could either be split between Dover and Canterbury, or just be encompassed into one of those two districts. If that’s too radical to the empire builders in TDC, perhaps scrap the wards and have Ramsgate, Broadstairs and margate wards, with Four Cllrs for each and one MP.

  6. This story raises as many questions as it answers.’The Boundary commissioners recommended 42′.Have they been reading The Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy? Why 42 and what is so important about evening up the representation? The Commission are the usual suspects from the great and the good and most are based in the north.
    I am not sure reducing numbers serves anyone, especially as the conurbation of Thanet is expanding due to development.
    I tend to agree with others here and would suggest the area would be better served by breaking up Thanet, though in doing so I would also also create a unitary East Kent Council and do away with county at the same time.Tinkering with the existing structures fills no potholes, or butters no parsnips.
    This is a reorganisation on the road to nowhere. Look at Dover, they cutback even further, and I don’t think that has achieved a shining example of diligence,intelligent decision making, and a profound understanding of local government and the local community.

    • Your right George, 42 is the answer given by the biggest computer ever built, its also the lowest snooker number anyone can win playing oneself! Red balls = 15 points, Yellow = 2, Green 3, Brown = 4, Blue = 5, Pink = 6 and Black = 7. Total 42. What does it all mean? Does this mean aliens will take over Thanet?

      • We won’t need any councillors and nobody will be playing snooker, once the intergalactic superhighway is put in place.

        • David I watched between 80 to 90 episodes of Red Dwarf over Christmas, and New Year, and I will be contacting the crew to ask them to do something about this possible threat you mention, they will sort it out for us

  7. Changing to an East Kent Unitary authority makes sense, but it is like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas. The general workers on the coal face would be required, whether it is waste management or housing officers, but you could lose a whole swathe of top management, between the 3 councils 2 CEO’s , 2 151 officers at least 6 other directors , that is probably £1.5 million in salary’s and benefits/ on costs. A few years ago all the staff went to 37 hours for no change in salary, perhaps it should be reversed, to save pressure on the budget.

    • John,as a Kent County councillor I would vote for a east kent unitary authority even if it meant I would no longer be a councillor. It would save money as there would be LESS councillors costs, duplication of services, less confusion of responsibility etc. but i agree some councillors put their own careers before the good of the community

  8. I fully support the idea of a unitary authority. There are potentially large savings and efficiencies. As for “turkeys not voting for Christmas”, many Councillors stood because thet are fed up with waste, missed opportunities and governance at TDC over the years. It’s certainly not for the allowances (something around £400 per month)

    • This nothing but a cost cutting exercise by the Austerity Party. Your Government, Manners have stripped the Country bare, with a few only interested in “Vested Interests”. It will take decades to repair the damage your party has inflicted on our Country SHAME ON YOU !! Reduce the amount of Councillors when the population increases utter nonsense?

  9. As no body wants to see job losses it’s sad, however with the budgetary restraints councils are facing and the inflated salaries of the bigwigs, this makes economic sense. The same or at least similar number of street cleaners, bin collectors,traffic wardens, and other authority personnel will still be required, it will be the management teams where there will have to be an overhaul. People back in the office at least three days a week would boost efficiency to.

    • Despite the recent increase in Cllr allowances (the first in 10 years) any saving on Cllr costs will be like throwing a penny in a wishing fountain.

  10. Less buildings for the authorities too would create financial efficiency. If there was an amalgamation

  11. Just get rid of the entire council chamber at TDC. They have collectively destroyed the quality of life of tens of thousands of existing Thanet residents with uncontrolled development and housing which has done nothing but brought unemployed dross to this already overburdened isle. The streets are filthy, traffic is at a standstill all over Thanet (my daily 7 minute commute can often take 20 minutes) and many streets can no longer be navigated in two directions due to unregulated parking, no NHS dentists, appalling waits at A&E. Thanet is a toilet.

    • Is it possible that the traffic is often at a standstill because people insist on driving for 7 minutes rather than walking for 20-30 minutes?

  12. On the street cleaning issue, TDC or KCC cannot even keep the dual carriageway verges clean let alone the towns with graffiti appearing everywhere with no effort to clean the verges or graffiti. I have seen local tax paying locals doing it this afternoon. Disgraceful, should reduce the council tax payments to deduct the Services not being delivered.

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