Newington’s Red Nose Day – raising money and awareness

Comic Relief fun at Newington

Newington Community Primary went nutty for Comic Relief this year with donations to wear crazy costumes and outlandish outfits to school.

Children and staff turned up in a sea of red to celebrate Red Nose Day, with some pupils making their own t-shirts and sporting wacky hair styles.

Classroom assemblies highlighted the importance of annual nationwide event, including examples of projects that are supported by donations.

Activities included children showing their creative skills designing their own individual red noses and funny faces.

The happy feeling throughout the school was echoed in the dining hall where kitchen staff joined in, wearing their funny outfits while serving red-nose themed desserts.

Hannah Holden who is the school’s charity lead said: “There was a great buzz around our community and it was a positive and enjoyable day where we raised almost £340 for the charity.

“Thanks go to our amazing parents and carers for their generosity for Red Nose Day. Days like this really demonstrate the fantastic community that we have built and it is a wonderful way for children to think about others less fortunate than themselves.”

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor is proud of the school’s fund-raising. She said: “There is so much financial pressure on everyone these days but we can always rely on our Newington school community to dig deep to help those who are worse off than ourselves.

“There were some lovely costumes on show and our normal blue uniform was transformed to a sea of red clothes for the day.

“Our children had a great time and thanks go to them for the enthusiastic way they embraced the occasion, and also to our excellent staff who helped create a special memory for us all.”