Inclusive club Alchemy Martial Arts heads to Allstars Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition

Alchemy Martial Arts

Alchemy Martial Arts is gearing up to showcase its prowess at the Allstars Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition in London this weekend.

Beyond the pursuit of victories, Alchemy Martial Arts is a hub for fostering community chemistry, recently expanding into new premises on the Northdown Industrial Estate, Broadstairs.

Black belt instructor and club owner Alan Mark said: “At the core of our ethos is complete inclusivity.

“We have a wide range of instructors including a reigning world champion, Valmyr Neto, and a diverse mix of classes from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, wrestling, Judo, Yoga and fitness sessions.

“Alchemy ensures a welcoming environment for everyone, from seasoned fighters to newcomers, male and female, young or old.”

Alan, also known as “Gunz”, has two children with disabilities and says he runs the club on the principle of no exclusion.

He added: “Teachers adapt sessions and we provide tailored experiences so that everyone feels accommodated.

“Sport has the power to make a difference, especially in mental well-being. Our mission is to spread positivity in a world clouded by negativity.

“Through martial arts we aim to uplift, inspire, and motivate, helping people become the best versions of themselves.”

Alan has good reason to be optimistic about the students taking part in the London competition. In previous years the club has sent people quite new to the sport there and they have managed to come back with gold medals.

Club member Heidi explained why she loves being involved: “My bjj journey started with my son taking part in the kids classes, Gunz then invited me onto the mats, so on I stepped and have never looked back!

“I keep coming back mainly because I love it! But equally to push myself out of my comfort zone, for both, the mental and physical challenge.”

Fellow club member Anna added: “I joined this club just under a year ago, terrified, nervous and unsure. I came out of my first class wishing I started sooner. It’s also fantastic for your mental health.

“It has eased my OCD and anxiety, has helped me think outside the box more at work, has given me a confidence that wasn’t there before and is a form of mental chess that keeps you sharp!”

As part of the community Alchemy has been proud of the sponsorship they have received from Rhino Aluminium windows and doors, Apex Arrivals and Skybel Communications.

The competition takes place on March 24 and Alan says it is just one more step on the path to serving the local community.

For further details about Alchemy Martial Arts contact Alan on 07719 474102 or go to