Cheerful Chilton’s charity champs raise funds for Red Nose Day

Red Nose fun at Chilton

Chilton primary was a school packed with smiles and laughter for Red Nose Day 2024.

Pupils of all ages donated to wear something daft, colourful and cheerful for a non uniform day in support of the Comic Relief charity.

The charity’s red theme dominated throughout the school. Some children had hair dyed red and rainbow colours, others wore bouncy head boppers, weird wigs, red noses, and silly spectacles.

Clowns, dragons, superheroes and an array of other characters could be spotted – everywhere there were crazy and colourful outfits, onesies, and tops of all shapes and styles.

The accent was firmly on fun although there was a strong sense of caring for others who are in need.

Head of School Alex McAuley said: “It was an amazing display. Some of the creations by the children and our staff were truly memorable – I can only applaud them all for the amount of creative effort they put in to looking different, daring and delightful.

“It brightened up the whole day and was another fine example of our Chilton community spirit that is very much in evidence when we support local, national and global good causes. We wanted to mark the occasion to celebrate our vibrant school, whilst supporting the charity at the same time.”

And though Red Nose Day was all about fun, pupils are also aware of the valuable work Comic Relief carries out to help children, adults and families, through its work with other charities, groups and organisations including those that offer mental health support.

Chilton’s cheerful charity champs from Reception class to Year 6 raised more than £238 for Comic Relief