Bromstone Primary pupils explore the wonders of science

Discovering science at Bromstone Primary

Bromstone Primary School in Broadstairs has embraced the spirit of science with activities and workshops for British Science Week.

Children of all ages engaged in various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities, kicking off with captivating science assemblies, where students were introduced to the wonders of science through interactive demonstrations and thought-provoking discussions.

The assemblies set the stage for the days ahead, igniting the students’ passion for exploration and experimentation. They looked at gravity, air pressure and used an airzooker to show the principles of air pressure.

Throughout the week, every child had the opportunity to participate in engaging lessons tailored to their interests. From researching disappearing dinosaurs to delving into the mysteries of jelly through ‘Get Set Jelly Investigations,’ the students were fully immersed in hands-on learning experiences.

They explored the concept of time with activities like making time pendulums and using the sun as a natural clock. Children have been designing farms of the future and studying the adaptations of local wildlife,  showcasing their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Younger children have been observing tadpoles, making toothpaste for elephants and had a go at making their own bread. The Year 5 children made their own plastic and tested how waterproof it was.

One of the highlights of the week was the after-school events, where STEM activities took centre stage. Led by the school’s Science Lead and assisted by enthusiastic Science Ambassadors, these events provided students and parents with the chance to delve deeper into scientific concepts in a fun and interactive environment.

Children could make Moon dials, convection snakes, snow and launch rockets.

The theme of British Science Week was time and this was woven into various activities, encouraging students to ponder the concept’s significance in different contexts. Whether they were examining weather patterns over time or learning how ancient creatures roamed the Earth, the students gained a deeper appreciation for the role of time in shaping our world.

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Mrs MacFarlan, the school’s Science Lead, said: “It’s been truly inspiring to see the children’s eagerness to explore the wonders of science. Events like Science Week provide invaluable opportunities for them to develop their scientific enquiry and critical thinking skills.”