Hunt for the world’s funniest crab joke begins in Margate

Inside the Crab Museum Photos Joe and Charlotte

Do you think you have the funniest crab joke in the world? Do you dream of holding a trophy above your head to a round of rapturous a-claws?

Then don’t be shellfish and enter the World’s Funniest Crab Joke Competition!

To shell-ebrate International Crab Day on 26th April, Europe’s only Crab Museum and Chump’s Comedy are teaming up to find the greatest crab gag in the entire world. But to do this they need your help.

Submissions are now open, and the shortlist will run the gauntlet of an expert panel of judges. Panelists include comedians Harry Hill, Sally Phillips, Rose Matafeo, Phil Wang, No Such Thing As A Fish podcast, Mike Stirling (Director of Mischief at Beano), Palaeoanthropologist/comedian Ella Al-Shamahi, zoologist and presenter Lucy Cooke, and a classroom of children at Ramsgate Arts Primary School. A secret mystery judge will also be announced in due course.

Photos Joe and Charlotte

The winner of the inaugural World’s Funniest Crab Joke will be crowned at an award ceremony at the Crab Museum, Margate, on 26th April as part of an evening of comedy, science and, naturally, crabs. Runners up will receive a signed copies of Harry Hill’s Whopping Great Joke Book.

Crab Museum co-founder Chase Coley said: “A crab joke contest may sound silly, but humour can be a powerful tool for engaging the public in bigger issues such as climate change, biodiversity collapse, or finding out where crabs poo from.”

Photos Joe and Charlotte

The Crab Museum is an award-winning, free-to-enter and independent science museum in Broad Street, Margate. It uses crabs, humour and philosophy to engage children and adults and has been featured in the Guardian, the New York Times, the New Statesman and welcomed around 80,000 visitors during the last year.

If you think you might be sat on a clawsome joke visit and stick your funniest crustacean puns in their Google form.

Enter Here:

Can you beat this?

Why did the crab go home early from a night out? It pulled a mussel!


  1. Someone told me that crabs are popular with male witches. I said ‘warlocks’, he replied ‘it’s true sir’!

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