Ramsgate coffee shop Brew put up for sale

Brew in Ramsgate High Street (Photo by Brew)

The owners of Brew coffee shop in Ramsgate High Street have announced its sale due to a change in family circumstances.

The venue opened in June last year and, headed up by Lorraine Edney and Rhys Huelin, offers fresh coffee, pastries baked on site and a fresh sandwich bar.

There were also plans for the café, which is based at the former British Heart Foundation site, to  expand with the creation of a community pop up kitchen and hub.

However, the search for new owners is now taking place.

In an announcement on the Brew social media page it says: “It is with heavy hearts that we announce the sale of Brew, our beloved coffee haven, due to a change family circumstances.

“Brew has been more than just a business; it’s been our passion, our pride, and our home away from home.

“Brew has been a beacon of warmth, welcoming all who are looking for great coffee, delicious sandwiches, and delightful pastries. Our loyal customers have become an extended family, and our dedicated staff have poured their hearts into every cup and creation.

“However, life sometimes takes unexpected turns, and after much consideration, we have made the difficult decision to part with Brew. While this decision weighs heavily on us, we believe it’s the right choice for our families at this time.

“We are committed to finding the perfect new owner who will cherish Brew as much as we have. The spirit of Brew, its dedication to quality, community, and excellence, will live on under new ownership.”

Interested parties are invited to reach out for more information via [email protected]

Lorraine and Rhys added: “To our loyal customers, dedicated staff, and supportive community, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your love and patronage have made Brew the special place it is, and we will forever treasure the memories we’ve shared.”


  1. The decor is odd, plus they just stole ideas from other fast food chains and copied like their Breakfast Bacon and Muffins just like McDonald’s and their pastries just like Greggs .

    • It’s the former British Heart Foundation site that had the closed down notice on it for ages.

  2. usualy these places go because of thier rip of prices , this is ramsgate not chelsea .is there realy a market here for these places ?

  3. Maybe the difficulties are because of the lack of people using Ramsgate as a town, (as well as the other Thanet towns), and high business rates. Most people visit Westwood cross, but just remember, a lot of there outlets are closing, then Thanet will be a
    ghost area, if it already isn’t.

    • Good point. It will be a benefit of getting the market back to have more footfall on a Friday. The bigger empty shops need to be sub-divided and the uppers converted to Flats to bring communities back into our retail areas. The Pension fund property boom in the 1980’s buggered up the economics of town centres. It all needs a reset.

  4. Too many coffee shops,not enough customers,and the price,I find most places severing coffee nowadays ,state community reasons for opening

  5. I’ve been to this cafe and found it very good indeed. Owners and staff friendly and efficient, food freshly prepared and good value for money. You can get a cooked breakfast from a fiver and that includes a cup of coffee or tea. (Before anyone asks, no, I don’t have shares in the firm)

  6. Some of the negativity on these comments is wholly unwarranted. Brew serve lovely fresh food and nice coffee. If you want greasy spoon food at greasy spoon prices then you should go to a greasy spoon. People think nothing of dropping £8.50 at Starbucks or Caffe Nero but an independent who charges anything similar gets a kicking? I would happily pay EXTRA for independent businesses as there is added value!

  7. We have been in there numerous times and would rate it 5 star in every respect. Maybe due to the dreaded business rates. All the negative comments are probably coming from those who have never tired to run a bath let alone start a business start-up

  8. I’ve never been inside, so I can’t speak to the quality of their coffee and food. However, the exterior doesn’t seem very inviting to me. It gives off the impression of being unfinished, almost resembling a Greggs. While I’m all for supporting local businesses, I find Cafe Nero in Ramsgate to be more welcoming. Perhaps it’s a lesson for future coffee shops to consider the importance of their appearance.

  9. Such a shame. After a slow start it really seemed as if the word was getting out about the great coffee and good food at reasonable prices, and trade was picking up. Good luck wherever you go.

  10. The confidence of the comments saying why this business is being put up for sale amazes me. When the people making these comments have not even read the article properly.
    It clearly states twice, not once. Twice, that it is due to “a change family circumstances”

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