Stories and giggles for World Book Day at St Laurence CE Junior Academy 

World Book Day fun at St Laurence Junior Academy

St Laurence CE Junior Academy spared no effort in creating an enchanting literary experience for its students on World Book Day.

The school in Ramsgate hosted a joint show featuring the entertaining Gilbert Giggles and the knowledgeable Tamara Macfarlane.

The week-long celebration began with a generous gesture from Adam Taylor at The Classroom, who provided each child with a free book, setting the stage for an immersive literary experience. This gesture not only provided tangible resources but also symbolised the school’s commitment to nurturing a love for reading.

The students participated in online workshops with authors Robin Stevens, Ed Vere and Dr Sheila Kanan, gaining first-hand insights into the art of storytelling. This digital interaction brought literature to life in a new and exciting way.

A highlight of the celebration was the joint show led by Gilbert Giggles and Tamara Macfarlane. The dynamic duo brought a perfect blend of laughter and learning to the students, creating an interactive and engaging experience that captivated the young minds.

Year 3 teacher Mrs Marazzi said: “It was an hour of fun for the children. They loved it. It was great to see them laughing along. Our students particularly enjoyed the interactive elements of the show.”

The students were quick to express their enjoyment, with comments pouring in about the magical and entertaining session. Michael, Jason, and Phoebe described it as “incredible, silly, and funny,” while Jeremy said he was “very excited.” Logan summed it up saying: “He was really funny,” capturing the essence of Gilbert Giggles’ performance.

English lead Mrs Mountjoy said: “The activities weren’t just enjoyable; they were educational, encouraging our students to develop critical thinking skills and express themselves through the written word.

“World Book Day isn’t just about celebrating books; it’s about celebrating the transformative impact of literature on our students’ lives.”