Man arrested following crash in Garlinge

Kent Police

A man has been arrested on suspicion of being unfit to drive through drugs following a crash in Garlinge today (March 8).

Kent Police was called to Canterbury Road at around 9.15am following a report of a collision involving a van and car.

Officers attended and a man was arrested on suspicion of being unfit to drive through drugs. No injuries were reported.

High Street, Garlinge was closed at the junction with Canterbury Road for vehicle recovery. The road has since been cleared.


  1. Nice to know that people like that are driving around, let alone at the time when kids are going to school.
    I’m starting to think that a custodial sentence for this kind of offence would be a start.

    • There’ll be loads doing it especially in the evening /night, you’ll only really get caught if you have an incident and can’t run fast enough, proactive policing in respect of roads/vehicles has become the preserve of anpr cameras and occasional targeted policed operations. Back in the day being stopped for some minor infraction and getting a “ 7 day ticket” was routine. You’ve just to drive at night and observe the number of defective lights to see that it’s just another area that society tolerates till it goes wrong.

  2. I told a man who was driving a black BMW that his brake lights were not working. He replied “ I don’t care mate it’s not my car”
    Routine policing has been replaced by flash and dash after an incident incident.

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