Man in custody following disturbance at Bethesda Medical Centre

Bethesda Medical Centre

A man has been arrested after police were called to Bethesda Medical Centre in Cliftonville today (February 29).

Officers attended after receiving a report of a man making threats at the surgery in Palm Bay Avenue.

A man was arrested and currently remains in custody.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to Palm Bay Avenue, Cliftonville shortly after 11.30am on Thursday 29 February following a report of a man making threats.

“Patrols attended and a 39-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of threatening to cause criminal damage.

“He remains in custody and enquiries to establish the full circumstances are ongoing.”


  1. The man at the medical center was probably just trying to get an appointment as they like gold dust
    And you can’t get one at any doctors surgery in Thanet it’s a joke

  2. Nonsense.

    To get an appointment that day you need to be there as soon as it opens. Violence is unacceptable and he should rightly be struck off the patient list.

    It’s explicitly says in the surgery that violence will not be tolerated. Can’t he read???

  3. any bad behavior is unacceptable its disgusting hope he struck off hope the staff and patients all OK yes it’s a syringe getting an appointment anywhere in Thanet Dr’s needs more doctors if its urgent whu not call 111 or go A n E

  4. Probably tired of being read scripture & having prayer sessions forced on him, by pious GMC favorite Dr Dick Scott.

  5. A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called

    A pity that Kent Police cannot find a grammatically correct spokesperson.

    • It is grammatically correct. Kent Police is an organisation, singular, so ‘was’ is correct. Kent Police officers, multiple, would be ‘were’

      • That sounds weird. “The police was called”. I would have used were. Anyway we’re not discussing grammar. It’s about a man being abusive. No comment on that as I don’t know what he did.

        • It’s because it is Kent Police, so that is the proper name of an organisation (singular like Thanet council or the NHS). If it was just police (so not an organisation name) then it would be ‘were’. I do agree it sounds funny but it is correct

  6. Shame on the surgery if their service is so bad that they wound the guy up so frustratingly that he could not take any more and became aggressive. On the other hand if he is just a stroppy individual who thinks he’s more entitled than anyone else then that’s different.

  7. Receptionists are able to tell you that there are no appointments and to clear off in a more polite way than they used to, well done to the customer care training team.

  8. Not surprised at this. I’m mild mannered and the reception staff there have reduced me to a raging psychopath. Never ever known ruder people. But its their bosses’ – the practice manager and Gps’- fault as they’ve given them too much power

  9. Hardly worth commenting as there is no indication of why he was threatening damage. Perhaps he has a mental health issue that in Kent is very hard to get treatment for. Some comments here are just plain daft because you don’t know do you.

    • I completely agree with you. See the reason.
      Sometimes the limit of shamelessness is exceeded when it comes to emergencies, doctors, hospital and so on. .

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