Former Pfizer worker from Thanet jailed for rape offences against child

Canterbury Crown Court Image By DS Pugh, CC BY-SA 2.0,

A Thanet man has been jailed for three offences of rape of a child and one of sexual activity with a child.

Shane Aaron Keeler, from Ramsgate, was found guilty of the charges and subsequently appeared for sentencing at Canterbury Crown Court on February 22.

The total sentence was 15 and a half years made up of 14 and a half years imprisonment, followed by one additional year on licence.

Keeler had previous complaints of harassment, stalking and breaches of restraining and non molestation orders against him.

A victim who dropped their case in order for the rape offences against a child to be brought forward said: “I’m glad I dropped my original case against him as if I didn’t, this current case wouldn’t have been brought to light, and due to the nature of this case as horrific as it is, he is off the streets for a lot longer.

“The mental trauma is horrific. I just can’t believe everything he has done to people and (previously) got away with.

“Until the restraining order and charges of harassment, he had a clean record which is absolutely disgusting considering the amount of things found against him. But no-one was brave enough to go further.

“I get so angry that for so long he has been let off. A true narcissist and bully. He is a nasty man who fooled many victims and manipulated many people.”


  1. Imagine this turd doing the school run for the kids. See he was one of those virtue signalling during Covid era-delivering cakes to ambulance drivers etc & making sure his name was everywhere for doing so, reminiscent of Savile & his charity cover.

  2. No sentence is too much for vile creatures like this. You can be sure there will be a time when receives a very bad experience in jail.

  3. Should be life , his ways won’t change because of prison its in his blood , nothing will change, he will have the same craving on release disgusting perv ,string the pervs up .

  4. Can he be chemically sterilised under supervision? If so why can’t this be used against serial sexual offenders, who may well never change?

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