Drugs seized and man arrested after car search in Broadstairs

Image Kent Police

Police officers have seized suspected class A and class B drugs and arrested a man after a car was chased to a stop in Broadstairs on Saturday (February 24).

Patrols spotted a vehicle in St Peter’s Road at around 2.20am but the driver failed to stop when requested to by officers.

The driver eventually came to a halt in front of some road bollards. A police car then moved so the vehicle could not be reversed.

Officers searched the car and seized cannabis, white powder believed to be cocaine and drugs-related paraphernalia.

A 27-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of class A drugs, possession of drugs of class B or C, driving when unfit through drink or drugs, driving without insurance, failing to stop when directed and obstructing a police officer.

The man was later bailed pending further enquiries.


    • In this country, suspects are arrested and brought to Court, where the evidence for and against is heard by a Magistrate or (in more serious cases) a Judge and jury.
      This system has come about after centuries of refinement, in order to be as fair as possible to the accused and the accuser.

      • I’m well aware of the system, but in situations where there is literally no more evidence needed an instant sentence should be given. Such as in this case, they will either do a runner or just carry on peddling drugs and drink / drug driving. Why keep them on the streets, teach them a lesson then they might learn.

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