Thanet Parkway station to be staffed seven days a week from March 1

Thanet Parkway station Photo Frank Leppard

Thanet Parkway station will be permanently staffed, seven days a week, from next month.

The £44million station was initially not allocated to have staff, causing county councillors to raise concerns over safety amid Parkway’s isolated location.

When the station opened on July 31 last year Southeastern pledged to staff it for the next six weeks  on weekdays between 8am and 4pm, adding that they were “ committed to keeping staffing of the station under review.”

That staffing arrangement was kept in place and Southeastern has now confirmed it will be extended to seven days a week.

A Southeastern spokesperson said: “The opening of Thanet Parkway is an important part of our goal to deliver a better, more reliable railway, and we are really pleased that customer numbers have been rising steadily over the last six months.

“The station has been staffed from Monday to Friday since the opening day, and following a recruitment drive, it will now be staffed 8am to 4pm seven days a week from Friday March 1st.

“Accessible toilet facilities will be available during this time.

“Thanet Parkway is a major investment for the local community, and to support it further we are also looking to add some extra services when our new timetable starts in June.”

County Councillor Barry Lewis, who has been vocal in his concerns about staffing, safety and facilities at the station, said: “I am delighted that Thanet Parkway (bosses) have seen sense after months of saying there railway station was safe without staff. This will negate ongoing problems with security that meant people were refusing to use the station.

“It is good to know they are now employing Safety Critical Staff.”

Thanet Parkway has two 250 metre platforms  and offers services to St Pancras International via Ashford International and mainline connections to London terminals and across Kent and the Medway towns.

Thanet Parkway Photo Southeastern

There are lifts and stairs to access the platforms, ticket vending machines, waiting shelters, acoustic barriers, parking for 293 vehicles, bus stops, pick-up and drop-off zones, electric charging points, hearing loops, cycle storage, CCTV, seating, landscaping works and passenger help points to provide remote assistance for those who need it.

Parking charges at the site are now in force

40 minutes free for drop off and pick up

Daily rate Mon-Fri = £5.10 (£3.90 on Sat)

Weekly season ticket = £22.00

Monthly season ticket = £78.00


    • Well you say that Barry but you have been very vocal complaining about the costs of this station. Now you’re pleased that it’s going to cost even more to put staff there who aren’t needed ? Have you actually used it yourself ?

      • No need to, live nearer to margate,ramsgate, broadstairs and minster stations. My objection to the cost of the station is the cost to Kent taxpayers. Staff costs are NOT paid for from kent county council or national government but the railway company.

        • Surely it’s your duty to visit something you’re constantly criticising at least once? It would be like me criticising Turner Contemporary without ever visiting (and yes I have done, several times).

        • Mrs pink, i have VISITED site to do tv interviews and see the lack of facilities (pubic toilets, staff and buses) but have not USED the white elephant.

        • But local people are still paying for it Barry through their fares. On top of all the other things they are forking out for. Aren’t you bothered about the general cost of living or just things that originated from KCC ?

          Your continued, misguided, crusade to have staff at this station will add to South Eastern Trains running costs which will manifest themselves in higher fares which will affect local people.

          Well done.

  1. So it’s staffed through the quietest part of the day and not rush hours then offers no security after dark when most needed. If you need the accessible toilet before 8 or after 4 hard luck.
    Ps don’t waste time at the publicised bus stops as no services stop there.

    Southeastern at its best.

  2. I’ve probably used this station a lot more than others who will comment on this post. Mixture of business and leisure.

    You don’t need staff there. It is aimed at people who have either already got a ticket or can use a self service machine to buy one. People who can get dropped off or park their car and who can navigate their way around the two platforms they have there; London bound or coast bound.

    It’s a complete waste of money to staff it. I would rather those funds be used to reduce ticket prices or abolish car parking charges at this particular station.

    • I’ve used it several times too, never had problems (unlike Broadstairs, with feral kids causing havoc and no staff or security).

    • Thanetian Blind. I hope you’re not a spokesperson for blind people, because you are thoroughly insensitive to other people’s needs. If you’re happy to see a station that’s designed to cater only for able-bodied tech-savvy customers, can I assume that you’re also a supporter of austerity and social cleansing?

      • A parkway, or unmanned station, is not the type of station someone who is blind would be using. Blind people don’t also use Dumpton Park Station as it is unmanned.

        Blind people have presumably been happy using Ramsgate, Minster stations up until now so why would they change ? They would have to get a taxi or lift to Parkway so why wouldn’t they get that taxi to those other stations and then get the train.

        Your argument to link this to austerity and social cleansing is ridiculous. This is an additional station. It hasn’t replaced anything. It hasn’t been done to save money. It’s a new option for people (who are welcome to carry on using their old stations). I find it more convenient so I’ll use it. Others won’t.

    • The station itself is a waste of money, everyone knows that and the tiny number of people that use it certainly doesn’t justify the disgusting amount of money it cost to build.

  3. The whole project and the road was bout connecting Discovery park with the rest of Britain.It was never about Thanet or reopening Manston,it was Discovery park first last and always.Once you accept that the absurdity of building a transport facility, that does not connect with other forms of public transport is not a factor.
    Someone takes the ‘fast train’ to Thanet parkway and is picked up by car.When the meeting is over the reverse applies. It’s how a railway station is planned by highways engineers, who have little conception of integrated transport planning.
    Ms Pink is the same, she drives her pink mobile from Birchington and parks at Thanet Parkway,I am not sure which route she would take to avoid any congestion which is something else that has not been discussed.Of course Ms Pink tells us she travels by bus, which is a good thing, but not to this station
    It is a poor design, it has narrow platforms, instead of a single island platform and now it is going to be costly to run. Dumpton park is still open but has a restricted service and it is a better design. Dumpton makes more sense than this station.
    Slowly but surely, KCC will admit it’s a lemon and will quietly back away when the costs mount, and the pain becomes unbearable.This station will join all the other former stations in Thanet.
    If Ms Pink is missing some feral children to meet her,I am sure some can be found.

    • Ms. Pink doesn’t drive, and never has done.

      As for how I get to Thanet Parkway? By train, stupid!

      There’s lovely walks from there to the nature reserve and/or Pegwell Bay and Ramsgate. Try it yourself, instead of making up “facts”.

    • There are no ongoing costs for KCC, so there is no reason they would want to close it. An island platform at Parkway is wholly impractical because the track is on an embankment – the platforms are built to the side of it.

  4. So I read that as if you need the toilet before 8am or after 4pm it’s tough luck? Not a very good service. Not that I will be using it as I’ll stick to stations that are accessible by means other than a car.

  5. Thats a bleak station, not nice at all.
    (archived) Job advert platform assistant thanet parkway seastern/TP/125/1809 – TP/R/001

  6. Thanet Parkway creating more jobs already than Manston cargo strip will manage in the first 5 years…

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