Performer Brigitte Aphrodite announced as workshop leader for new Thanet Youth Theatre

Brigitte Aphrodite will join Looping the Loop's youth theatre

Looping the Loop theatre company, which is launching a new Youth Theatre for Thanet, has announced performer Brigitte Aphrodite as its workshop leader.

Margate=based Brigitte Aphrodite is a nationally-recognised theatre-maker with a passion for accessible, anti-hierarchical and inclusive art.

The Youth Theatre, which aims to build confidence and communication skills among young people aged 7-18, will benefit from Brigitte’s innovative approach to art and education. Her expertise will ensure the project can resonate with a diverse group of participants, particularly those who are neurodivergent.

She said: “I’m thrilled to join Looping the Loop’s new Youth Theatre and to share my passion for creative expression with the young people of Thanet.

“This project is a fantastic opportunity to empower young minds through performance and to create a sense of belonging and self-worth. I believe art, theatre and creating is for everyone. Every child and young person deserves to experience the transformative power of creativity. I can’t wait to start working with them.”

With the project’s funding partially secured through support from the NHS and Kent County Council, Looping the Loop and Brigitte Aphrodite are calling on the community to help raise the last amount needed to run the youth theatre.

Suzy Humphries, one of the Directors of Looping the Loop, urges people to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign before it closes on Thursday 29 February. Every donation, however small, brings the new Youth Theatre project closer.

Suzy Humphries

Suzy said: “This is a call to action for everyone who believes in the power of art to transform lives. If you can help, please visit

“We need your support to ensure the youth of Thanet have access to a programme that will not only enhance their creative skills but also build their confidence and ability to express themselves. Let’s come together as a community to make this happen.”

The youth theatre is expected to launch in April and be based in Cliftonville.

For more information, contact Looping the Loop at [email protected] or via Looping the Loop on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. just another load of old twaddle , but then i suppose it beats working for a living ? call something ” art ” then you can get away with anything

  2. Why does art rely on grant’s or crowd funding ?

    If they is a place for this than it will be shelf funding without the begging bowl.

    Kids football,swimming,scouts clubs etc dont normally have crowd funding and run well.

    Just seems to me that the arty community are so use to hand outs. Football, swimming, scouts etc all pay subs to fund their hobbies. Why are the arty community so scared of charging subs or like the Turner centre scared of charging an entrance fee.
    Surely if the kids think that every is free or GoFundMe that’s not setting them up for the real world, unless they stay in the arty community.

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