Police appeal after collision between e-scooter and woman in 70s in Broadstairs

Image Kent Police

Police are appealing for dashcam footage following a collision between an e-scooter and a pedestrian in Broadstairs.

Shortly before 6pm on Saturday, February 10, Kent Police was called to a collision involving the e-scooter and a woman pedestrian in her 70s in Broadstairs Road, near the junction with Fairfield Road.

Officers attended along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and the woman was taken to a local hospital, from where she has since been discharged.

The scooter was seized and its rider spoken to at the scene and enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

Officers would like to speak to anyone with dashcam footage of the collision, or who witnessed the incident and has yet to speak to police.

Anyone with information is urged to call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/ZY/11394/24.


  1. About time the police had a campaign to seize these illegal scooters..
    It’s not just youngsters that are flouting the law.
    Canterbury had a trial period when they could be legally rented…But wisdom prevailed, and that was cancelled, after too many people being injured.

    • Personally I think that E-scooters are a good idea but unfortunately they seem to be the transport of choice for the chavs and ferals.

      • Concerned I am over 16 years old, and use a Mobility Scooter that is governed to 8mph. Further I have 3rd party insurance should I injure anyone. All e-scooters are illegal in Thanet so are not insured! I have had any amount of near misses from people riding these machines, some were children, I even saw 2 very young children on the same scooter! If any of them hit and injure me I could be killed, so live in constant fear of them. Why are the police not seizing them? They could set up a road block on Margate Road anytime and remove these pests.

      • Last week I had the privilege of being collided with by a very polite, well-spoken, neat & tidy teen on an e-scooter.

    • It is rare to drive between Margate and Ramsgate and not encounter half a dozen such scooters whizzing along the pavement and/or darting in and out of cars – particularly at junctions and roundabouts.

      The Police should be stopping these scooters and confiscating them proactively – not just waiting until one has caused an accident.

    • They are a threat to the car sales. Hence why the media have tried to demonise them and haven’t regulated them. If they were properly regulated and banned from high streets etc they would be a great way to get away. They belong on the road with lights at night and probably a helmet to protect the user.

  2. there are many people using these and some are just stupid the way they behave even saw one person with a young child riding with him, many have no protection and you cannot see them in the dark so accidents waiting to happen

  3. i agree with the previous posts , we are told these things are illegal but they are flying about everywhere in thanet ? and very often its adults using them, this needs to be stopped before an innocent person is killed. if we can see them why cant the police ?

    • Why are they illegal though. How many accidents do they actually caused compared to cars and bikes? Media set out to demonise them by showing every single accident involving one. They should be properly regulated and they are great tool for people getting around and against pollution

      • Trete they should comply with the Road Traffic Act as they are a motorised vehicle. In which case they should be treated the same as a moped, and be taxed, insured, and the rider should be 16 years old or older, and hold at least a Provisional Driving license. I had 2 e-scooters UNDER take me, followed by a bike when I was on my mobility scooter, on the pavement. It is rare to see them on the road, and the reason is its because there are so many potholes, which are dangerous for e-scooters which have small solid tyres! One solution would be to treat them the same as a moped, and have number plates,lights, insurance etc. Number plates would get rid of them over night!

        • I agree with pretty much everything you said Dumpton. MPs have no interested in putting these rules in place though because it validates them and they are funded by huge car manufacturing companies. They shouldn’t be on the path and they could be regulated to be a good answer to pollution even if it took of 1% of cars off the road

  4. It’s not just e-scooters that want clamping down on. Mobility scooters are driven way to fast as well, and normally by rude people.

    • Mr Chance – an ignorant post – the majority of mobility #cooters are limited to 8mph maximum. E Scooters travel much faster eg 15mph.

      • And 8mph in a mobility scooter is still two or three times the speed at which most pedestrians walk.

        The speed with which some are driven on the pavement and round supermarkets is irresponsible and dangerous to pedestrians.

        As a propelled vehicle, they should be giving way to those on foot when being used in a shared space.

      • A mobility scooter driven at 8mph on a pavement is 3 times walking pace and can cause considerable injury. A number of these vehicles are driven by overweight, lazy individuals who can’t be bothered to walk.

    • Where is your evidence Mr Chance, and others? I have been using a Mobility Scooter for the last year and a half, and been treated most courteously by pedestrians, except when they are texting, or when they have their ear plugs in, and can’t hear my bell to let me pass! Mobility Scooters are governed to a maximum of 8mph, unlike e-scooters that exceed 15mph or more in many cases! Just recently I saw 4 youngsters probably not yet teens, playing around on e-scooters, on the pavement blocking accesss not just to me, but young mums with prams!

  5. You can buy one from one of the superstores at WWX.
    There’s a small notice telling you they’re not legal to ride in public, but there’s absolutely nothing to stop you (or your child) buying one and riding it straight out of the shop.
    We’ve all read of horrible collisions where folk have been mown down by the things. Rarely read of scooters veing confiscated and the riders prosecuted.

  6. E-scooter automatically at fault. Should not be ridden on public road. Seize & destroy, then sue owner for compensation

  7. Sick to the back teeth of e-scooters and pushbikes riding on the pavement. It’s only a matter of time before they kill someone. The Police need to do more. It’s illegal yet Police will drive past them and do nothing about it. It only takes one rider to collide with a frail elderly person to kill them. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Shove them off, I recently contacted the Kent Police Crime Commissioner about e-scooters using the pavements, which I said was possibly due to the many pot holes in Thanet roads, the same goes for bikes! The reply was I should identify where the potholes are, and report them to the KCC Highways! I replied saying are you seriously suggesting I should ride around Thanet identifying potholes on my mobility scooter, then report them to KCC Highways? I never received a reply, but it is this type of contempt the police have for the public, that the public have the same contemp for the police!

      • Make an official complaint! Seriously. I’d also suggest contacting your MP (forget the fact that you don’t personally like him).

      • Well yeah, of course you should notify. You can’t moan about a problem then refuse to do anything yo fix it… Unless you just wanna whinge…

  8. If e-scooters are the preserve of “chavs” and “ferals” then suing them will amount to nothing other than a cost to the taxpayer. Their assets are limited to that e-scooter and the stolen XBox at their council house.

    • Why should it only be council /social housing people riding them ,discriminatory statement that.Or maybe well, to do folks cannot afford these forms of transportation

  9. What I fail to understand is why the police do not stop them. If it were a car being driven with no insurance or a licence it’s six points and a £300 fine. The same law applies to e-scooters. Confiscate regardless of age and prosecute those who can be or change the law. The police should not choose which laws they wish to enforce, that is not their role.

  10. If the police did their job and enforced the law , riding a illegal motor vehicle in a public place with no insurance or regard for people’s safety
    People ride past the police station without a care because they know the police do nothing, if I drive my car with no insurance they would be on me like a shot, do you jobs and get these things off the streets

  11. Crush the e-Scooters. I’ve seen two people ride past the Police at the market square in Ramsgate, of course the Police did nothing!

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