Police appeal following fatal crash in Margate Road at Westwood

Emergency services at the scene Photo Peter Brown

Investigators are appealing for information following a serious collision in Margate Road at Westwood yesterday (February 15) in which a woman died.

At 1.50pm a white Ford Fiesta was being driven along Margate Road, towards Westwood roundabout, when it was involved in a collision with a bronze Toyota Yaris.

The passenger in the Ford Fiesta, a woman in her 80s, was declared deceased at the scene.

The Fiesta driver, a man in his 90s, and the driver of the Toyota Yaris, a woman in her 50s, received medical attention for minor injuries.

Officers have been completing enquiries and are appealing for witnesses or anyone with relevant dashcam or CCTV footage, to call the appeal line if they have not yet spoken to the police.

You can also submit footage via the Kent Police portal –


Anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01622 798 538, quoting reference MM/CF/014/24.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form on their website.


  1. I’m sorry to hear the lady passed I hope the other 2 make a speedy recovery thinking of family n friends of the lady at this sad time

  2. I don’t know what happened, so I can’t comment on this particular case – but isn’t it time that older people in particular regularly did a new driving test? I’d make it every five years from teens until 70, and then twice a year after that. Yes, inconvenient and expensive – but so is dying.

    • It is dangerous as hell up there-I refuse to cross at Star Lane as vehicles whizz around there with no care & I have seen idiots crossing on the corner in a very slow manner, while looking at their ‘smart’ phones all the way across. I always walked down some way before crossing there, but even that could be a close call.

      I cross on the other side & make sure that when I get to the centre bit that I go right to the edge farthest away from those coming past the recent homes build or further to the right & then cross carefully & swiftly. None of the people driving like lunatics there that I have seen are elderly.

      Frankly driving tests might be useful to see if the elderly are still with it enough to drive. But most of the people on the roads these days that shouldn’t be can pass any test behaving themselves, but it is how they drive without an instructor next to them.

      Same as when you see cars slow down as soon as they spot a police car in the distance-they suddenly decrease from 40-50 down to 20-25. They know they are driving like imbeciles, but only care about themselves-not other motorists or pedestrians.

  3. why stop regularly testing people at 70yrs? I n this case the driver is said to be in his 90s so wouldn’t have been tested in over 20yrs. I don’t understand your logic Ms Pink

    • “Ms Pink” actually said “every five years from teens until 70, and then twice a year after that. “.
      So if her/his idea had been adopted, the driver would have been tested 40 times.

  4. Statistically, most accidents involve young drivers. So, although I understand older drivers may need to be medically checked to see if they are capable of driving, and maybe take a ‘capable of driving test’, surely younger drivers, who are less experienced, need to take road and awareness tests.

    • Fine my me too, though – as a non-driver, cyclists and pedestrian – I find that older drivers seem more unaware of changes to the Highway Code, such as the January 2022 change of priority rules.

      • When I was young we had a cycling ‘test’, which we needed to take, and pass, before we were allowed to cycle to school. Do they have such schemes now to let cyclists the dangers of the road.

  5. A tragedy, a lady has died…
    Let the police do their work, and the Coroner also..
    Calling for tests on mature drivers is something that has been mooted for years.
    But that will be a government decision…
    Last week on the TV News there was a report on a msn in Canterbury still driving daily aged over a hundred, and didn’t even require glasses, totally fit to drive.
    I’m in agreement that there should be mandatory eye tests and medical checks for those over 80, not just self assessment.

  6. Aren’t most car accidents caused by younger drivers?The number of elderly drivers responsible,is relatively small.I suppose a regular test would remove these drivers,but you would still have all those younger idiots blighting our roads.

    • Fine by me, test everyone on a yearly basis then. Of course, NO re-testing (not even once) will ever happen – even if we had enough testers – as it would be a vote loser… and we all know that votes matter more than lives.

    • I would certainly rather get run over by an elderly person going at 15-20 mph, than some blaring music, souped up sports car with a revving engine manned by twenty or thirty somethings going at 40-60 mph.

    • To be honest when cycling I’ve noticed the younger drivers to be the most aware and safer, the older ones driving longer are the nuisances and have a chip on their shoulders with regards to law changes.

      As Ms Pink said, retest drivers and be more strict on those breaking the law.

      The standard of driving, parking is atrocious and getting worse with the new self entitled world!!

      Whatever happened yesterday I hope the one in the wrong gets reprimanded but both heal fast.

      From what I’ve heard one car went the wrong way around the roundabout and headed up the wrong way!

      Plenty of cctv along there to help the team involved with this.

  7. Should comments be allowed on a story like this when someone has tragically lost their life?
    It will be a difficult and upsetting enough time for everyone involved along with their family and friends.
    The police are appealing for information to determine the cause of the incident.
    The presumption that the age of either of the driver’s involved has any relevance before all of the facts are known is somewhat distasteful.

  8. I believe that upping the age of drivers to 30 years old for vehicles that are too powerful/quick.

    There should be more vigilance on owner upgrades of their vehicles.

    Stricter car insurance and regulations to ensure that drivers under 30 are capable of driving powerful vehicles. This would incur costs but may “drive” down inconsiderate younger road users.

    However, you can pass a test and still be a danger to others. This is also true of all ages! So in the end, all of us will be penalised. There are too many vehicles on the road…….

    • True, Berto. Some young males have their cars ‘mapped’ to increase BHP. Of course they don’t tell their insurance companies!

  9. I am 70. I passed my test at 18. Never had an accident, never a speeding ticket, never an insurance claim. I get cheap insurance because of this. In your opinion should I need a new driving test. If so , why. Many comments here are daft. I would sugesr=t a newly passed driver is much worse than I am. In fact at Holly Lane pedestrian crossing a driver under instruction from PROPER instructor failed to stop at the crossing to let me cross. There was plenty of time to stop. If instruction is so poor then we are all doomed.

  10. The problem will dissappear in the near future when self driving cars become the norm. No-one will need a licence of a test and accidents caused by human lack of concentration will no longer occur.

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