Man due in court charged with vandalising 11 vehicles in Broadstairs

Image Kent Police

A man has been charged with causing criminal damage to 11 vehicles in Broadstairs.

 Cars were scratched in the area of Prince Andrew Road and Linley Road between November 2023 and January 2024.

 One of the damaged vehicles was found to have two punctured tyres, reported to have been caused by a sharp object.

 Anthony Warren, 38, of Prince Andrew Road, was arrested by the local beat officer PC Lee Godden on Tuesday 13 February and has since been charged in connection with each of the incidents.

 He has been bailed to attend Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on Monday 11 March.


      • Following pleas in mitigation (not breastfed as a baby, despises cars as he suffers travel sickness, etc.) he will be given a slapped wrist and told not to be a naughty boy again.

        Alternatively, perhaps the miscreant is a member of Just Stop Oil and was merely punishing the cars for polluting the environment ?

  1. Round the corner from us on the St Peters Estate. Completely crazy vandalising vehicles in the road you live in. Clearly he does have serious mental health problems and needs being sent away for treatment!

  2. That’s why I will only ever own cheap bangers. Anything with a small engine and 6 month plus ticket. Sub £300 price tag. When it runs out, off to the scrapyard.

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