Appeal for dashcam footage after report of car stolen from driveway in Acol

CCTV footage shows a car stopping at the scene

An appeal for CCTV or dashcam footage has been made following the reported theft of a car from a driveway in Acol yesterday (February 14).

Owner Emma Nieves says her Toyota Hillux, which she has owned for less than a month, was stolen from her Margate Hill home just before 6pm although she and her husband didn’t notice it was missing until around 11.30pm.

The couple have CCTV footage which shows the incident taking place, involving a car that stopped on Margate Hill – causing traffic to go round the vehicle – and then a man walking towards the car and using a fob to release the central locking.

Mum-of-two Emma said: “There was an accompanying car that stopped on Margate Hill which caused traffic to get held up behind it. When the traffic had passed a man got out of the passenger side, walked across a small bit of the field, climbed over a small barbed wire fence in front of our vehicles and then took my truck.

“They opened it with a key. I have both of my keys.

“It was opened with the central locking fob and they entered the vehicle with no alarm going off, no windows were smashed.”

Emma says the tyre on her husband’s car was also slashed.

She added: “There was a van behind the car that stopped so if anyone has dashcam footage with the registration number of the car that could be information linking to (the culprit).”

Kent Police has confirmed it is being investigated and officers are asking for any relevant CCTV or dashcam footage.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Officers from Kent Police are investigating a reported car theft in Acol, Birchington. The incident happened at approximately 5.50pm on Wednesday 14 February, when it is reported a Toyota Hillux was stolen from a driveway on Margate Hill.

“Anyone with information or dashcam or CCTV footage which may assist should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting reference 14-1508. You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form on their website.”


  1. There was one of those models black in colour speeding through the road works speed limit 50mph on the M2 London bound this afternoon between 12 and 1 pm. Unfortunately I don’t have dash cam.

  2. Why is it that people are allowed to say “Peter Checksfield” on here, yet if I mention the name “M–va Rees” it gets censored?

  3. More nonsense talk.

    GDPR would prohibit access to previous the [kind of] owner information history only the Police would be privy to.

  4. “Oh my Gawd”, Thank you for your observation regarding my wording, within my contribution. Naturally, I look forward to reading of your future funeral arrangements.

  5. As for “Chocolate Oxo”, clearly not a car owner! All previous owners and their addresses are displayed on my car’s logbook (V5C). The only one writing nonsense on this platform is yourself, demonstrating your ignorance to all, on how the DVLA operate.

  6. You sir are talking rubbish.

    No such history information regarding previous owners exists in the V5C.

    Please check your facts. As I said, GDPR disallows such information to be openly documented. You will have to contact the police or issue an FOI of sorts to access that info.

  7. I understand that double door pickups will be taxed as a business vehicle from April, only had it under a month. Interesting coincidence!!!!!

  8. Are you OK Ms Pinkie? Why are you here, on a thread about a vehicle being stolen in Acol, going on about Marva and Peter Checksfield? What have they got to do with this story, or you? And more to the point, why am on here asking this question? Don’t we both have better things to do? I think I’ll have a beer. You have a nice cup of green tea and a lie down. It must be well past your bed time now anyway.

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