Margate Caves welcomes 100,000th visitor since attraction reopening in 2019

Margate Caves has welcomed its 100,000th visitor

The Margate Caves has today (February 10) welcomed its 100,000th visitor!

Mrs Berner from Whitstable was the 100,000th person to visit Margate’s magical mine and was joined by her family.

They arrived at the Caves at 12.15pm and were greeted by the team and given flowers and a goody bag to celebrate the occasion.

Centre Manager Kayleigh McMahon said: “It’s been such a pleasure to see people enjoying the Caves since we reopened in August 2019. Hitting this landmark number of visitors really highlights what we love doing here, which is welcoming new and old friends to our amazing Caves. We can’t wait to greet the next 100,000!”

Explore the Margate Caves Photo Frank Leppard

The Caves are open every day until 18 February for half term, 11am to 4pm and are celebrating Women in STEM with a trail. Messy Monday returns with a Science theme on Monday 12th February, £1.50 per child.

Hidden beneath an ordinary street in Margate and accessed via a twisty 15m tunnel, the Margate Caves is a magical subterranean system, filled with colourful cave paintings and murals dating back to Georgian times. Enthusiastic volunteers are on hand to highlight the fascinating stories and geological quirks of this mysterious site, which over the years has been used as a Gentleman’s den, Victorian tourist attraction and wartime air raid shelter.

Photo Carole Adams

Above the ground is a café, gift shop and discovery room showcasing the history of the caves and weaving stories of local giants, ancient kings and shameless smugglers.

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  1. It’s so reassuring to know that whatever positive story is published Ms Pink will have a negative take on it. They really do have a lot of time on their hands

        • Unlike you, who hasn’t written ANYTHING positive about Margate Caves. Give it a try.

          As for the “dig”, surely it’s a valid one that a paying attraction in a rough part of Thanet can get 100,000 visitors – yet a prime seafront attraction is taking money from a council that is cutting vital services instead of charging a fee?

          • The caves received grants totally £1.5 million to reopen. That’s an effective subsidy of £15 per “paying” visitor. The caves are great. So is the Turner. We need both. But don’t assume that one is somehow free of taxpayer support

          • And how much do you think Turner visitors get subsidised per visitor? Yet you’re perfectly happy with them continuing to gain free entry.

          • “A rough part of Thanet”. Really? I’m surprised Checksfield hasn’t yet moved away from Thanet, since he has for years been posting comments that suggest he has a very low opinion of it.

          • Yet again, Ms. Rees makes absolutely zero contribution to a debate beyond criticising others. I’m surprised she’s even capable of that.

  2. In his comments on this article, Peter Checksfield has said that David is “obviously mental” and that he (Checksfield) is surprised that I am “even capable” of criticizing others. He then asked Phyllis Quot if she is blind.

    What kind of contribution to a debate is that?

      • I’m more and more convinced that you are extremely confused.
        There is no “Martha Rees”
        There is an “MM Rees”, and a “Martha Svinyard”.
        These are two separate people, but you seem, all too often, to conflate them, along with your peculiar fantasies about Wales.
        I would urge you (and I note that I’m not alone in this) to give it a rest.

  3. it is so strange to me , how thanet is so much more interesting and worth visiting underground ? there cannot be another area in the country where this is so – please tell me different

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