Exploring the ‘CSI effect’ and live psychopath testing with Murder: Staged at Dreamland

Murder: Staged at Dreamland

Do you think you could get away with murder? According to research psychologist and psychopathy expert Cheish Merryweather many people do.

She will be heading to Dreamland with a new true crime talk; ‘Murder: Staged’ which is touring the UK from September.

Cheish said: “The ‘CSI effect’ has created a new type of killer – one that is forensically aware and is out to mislead an investigation. ‘Murder: Staged’ will explore the lies embedded in crime scenes and share the expertise from those who dig deep for the truth.”

Following sold-out success in 2023, Cheish returns to Dreamland with a new personality test that aims to look at the darker side of human nature.

Cheish said: “There will be a live psychopath test which will be a good indication of who we really should be keeping a close eye on.”

The two-hour talk will take place at Dreamland on September 12 – doors open 7pm – and include in-depth forensics, reconstructed real-life crime scene walk-throughs and a deep dive into cases that have not been seen on stage live before.

Age recommendation: 16+

Tickets: £20 (+ booking fee)

Box Office: https://www.dreamland.co.uk/event/murder-staged/


  1. The owners of Dreamland could probably get away with murder. Certainly, they’re experts at getting money out of a struggling council to their off-shore company.

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