Exploring maths and supporting the NSPCC at Upton

Outdoor maths challenge at Upton

Problem solving as a life skill was at the heart of a range of maths activities for children at Upton Juniors in Broadstairs.

The fun challenges tied in with the annual NSPCC Number Day with pupils enjoying a non-uniform day by donating to the charity to wear numerical-themed outfits.

The day started with an assembly run by Upton Maths Lead Ross Kettle who highlighted the important work of the NSPCC as well as the importance of maths in daily life.

Children took part in an array of maths activities. Every year group held an ‘escape room’ task, developed their knowledge of timetables through games and also completed other number problem solving games.

Mr Kettle said: “It was an amazing day for us all. Our pupils applied their mathematical knowledge in a range of contexts whilst raising money for an important children’s charity.

“Problem solving is a life skill and this was at the heart of the range of activities the children enthusiastically enjoyed.

“Building a love of learning Maths and knowing how to apply this knowledge is key to the children’s mathematical success in life.”

The Upton fundraisers donated £361 to the NSPCC.