Number Day learning fun at St Gregory’s primary

Bus challenge on Number Day

Children and teachers at St Gregory Catholic Primary School in Margate ‘dressed for digits’ in colourful clothes with a numerical theme as part of the NSPCC annual Number Day.

It was all part of the charity’s initiative to raise awareness of its critical work and the school encouraged pupils to take part in fun-filled maths lessons where the aim was to apply their knowledge to a range of tasks.


Athanasia Papa-Adams, of Upper School and Maths Lead, said:  “In Maths, we focused on hands-on, fun learning, and looked at problem-solving which are key fundamental skills required for applying Maths in life.

“Our groups took the opportunity to spend the morning exploring a range of mathematical activities where they had to apply their understanding in a variety of contexts.

“This included scavengers hunts, times table bingo, tangrams, number songs and we also took part in the online times table rock stars challenge where the organisers have teamed up with the NSPCC.”

In Key Stage 1 children became ‘bus drivers’, counting how many people got on/off a bus graphic; others played board games, carefully counting the spots on the die and moving the correct number of spaces; and some chose to write numbers or make a number crown.

The important message of the vital work carried out by NSPCC and what it represents was discussed in the main assembly before the number challenges got under way.

Head Teacher Dave Walker said: “The range of activities was impressive and there were tough tasks for all age groups, who really enjoyed getting stuck in to their problem-solving. We also witnessed some colourful number-themed outfits and face painting too.

“It is really important for us to support worthwhile causes such as the NSPCC and our role was to raise awareness of the excellent and effective work of the charity, and to engage fully with the Number Day initiative.”