Margate WHSmith to close in April -Post Office in discussions for relocation

WHSmith and Post Office in Margate High Street Photo Dan Thompson

WHSmith in Margate High Street will shut down this April as it is “no longer sustainable” to trade at the location.

The closure news comes on the heels of the Ramsgate branch closure last month.

A WHSmith spokesperson said: Regrettably, it is no longer sustainable to continue to trade from this location and the difficult decision has been taken to close the store on Saturday 20thApril.

“We would like to thank all our customers for their support and for shopping with us and look forward to continuing to serve the local Margate community from other nearby stores including Westwood Cross Shopping Centre.

“We are also extremely grateful for the commitment of our in store colleagues who we will support with this transition and redeploy to nearby stores, where possible.”

A Post Office branch is also housed at the Margate WHSmith store.

A Post Office spokesperson said there are talks with two applicants to take over the service.

A Post Office spokesperson said: “WHSmith has made the difficult decision to close its Margate store, where Margate Post Office is based in April. The date for the Post Office closing at this location is being finalised.

“We know how important a Post Office is to a community and the vacancy has been advertised and we currently have two applicants that we are in discussion with.”


  1. Cannot remember many people using the shop ,only the post office, and WH Smith’s s products are normally too expensive

  2. It annoys me not every one can get to westwood cross and I dont like shopping their because jf the long wind tunnel entrance and i cannot walk around ut doralked out and is nit under cover. Truthfully am nit keen on Westgate one its very cramped there is no post box near it and hard to find, why can the banks that gave closed virtually all iver thanet namely Barclays u have yo ho to Canterbury niw keave g only Lloyds and nat west leff not get together and have a banking house. It’s like Westwood cross is all we will have then they wonder why more stuff us done online. The post office keep putting prices up but you have to go afar yo gef a dhop

  3. But you, WHS deliberately made the shop ‘unsustainable’, by turning it into a pikey paradise. Shame on you!

  4. This does not come as a surprise however staff informed me that they were just selling off excess stock and not closing down! The store is a bit of a dinosaur but there are plenty who rely on its services like foreign currency,paying bills,stamps,Amazon collections etc. etc. though all these functions can be obtained elsewhere.

  5. Heartbroken to hear this. When I need the Halifax, I have to get a bus from Margate to Ramsgate now. I’m now going to have to do the same to use the Post Office at Westwood Cross. I’m a 77 year old woman with mobility issues. Very disappointed to learn of this.

  6. Another predictably insulting comment from Checksfield! Is he still driving buses? Because if so, he should be concentrating on his job.

  7. I don’t know much about this Cheeksfeeled bloke, but I’m pretty sure he don’t drive. Perhaps Martha is confusing him with Reg Varney!

  8. What is it about you and Wales?
    Do you like sheep? Are you fascinated by leaks?
    When are you, as promised, going to move there?

  9. Desperately senior Loop-ites would quite happily disembark a Loop bus and grant WHS post office erstwhile custom if it wasn’t for the free heat defrosting their toes.

  10. No surprise, it has been a total joke/excuse for a store for a long time & has had the feel of something waiting for some ‘kind soul’ to pull the plug on it for well over a decade.

    • Sadly, so has the entire Margate High Street (it says alot when Poundland and The Works are the best two shops there!).

      • Yep, that Turner ‘regeneration’ might have worked out well for the old town, but it did naff all for MHS & Cliftonville.

    • Yep, rather expect it was only having the post office that kept it going this long. Boots has the same dreary feel and it would be no surprise to see that shut as soon as they can get out of whatever agreement they have for the building.

    • To the people working in them. You can hardly hold it against those who fell victim & people working there for whatever pittance the sods pay them. Unless you phone up a courier company to post your letters, Christmas cards etc & pay them a fortune, then what choice do you have but to use them?

  11. The Post Office in general has behaved abysmally towards its honest Postmasters for many years using bullying tactics ; dodgy bosses ; dodgy Horizon I T systems ; and our Governments Labour initially , then Tory , have allowed this debacle to occur . W H Smith are just following genuine business practice of closing a shop ; like all the rest that have shut up shop ; due to the lack of trade / footfall. Great news for our not so new town – Westwood X .

    • WHS have clearly run their stores down over the years to where they are totally hopeless-run by a skeleton crew of disinterested kids.

      Margate even appointed some early twenties woman as manager who stole from them a while back. They turned into a ‘discount store’ whatever that means recently & moved things people want to buy to the actual good shop they have at Westwood.

      From memory they were very clever at negotiating long-term leases at very low rates other retailers couldn’t manage-likely in large part to housing post offices, kept costs low by reducing the stock levels to a pittance, sacking staff & making it dark inside to save on electricity bills.

      Best bet is the leases are up & they have gradually been making their shops less enticing with the gaudy neon yellow reduction posters they have been splattering over their windows-resembling some Grot/Junk shop, cheap chocolate, unhelpful staff & not having what people want, so they can get shot of them all & just keep the big ones like at Westwood-that like many other shops there doubles as a cafe to bring in more money.

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