Highlights released for Power of Women Festival 2024

A sponsored swim will take place at Walpole Bay

POW (Power of Women) Thanet has announced that this year’s theme will be “Restival: Embrace the Revolution: 2024 is the Year of Unapologetic Rest.”

The festival takes place throughout March.

POW says: “In a world where women have long been measured by their productivity and societal contributions, often overshadowing their need for self-care and rest, POW Thanet Festival 2024 seeks to change the narrative. What if relaxation isn’t a luxury but a revolutionary act?”

Organisers say statistics reveal an imbalance in unpaid labour, with women in the UK contributing an estimated 23.2 billion hours of unpaid childcare, worth approximately £382 billion.

Festival Highlights

Power of Women Art Trail: March 1-31, Exhibitions showcasing artworks around Thanet, with free access to all.

Profanity Embroidery Group Exhibition: March 1-24 at Selina Hotel, Margate and Albion House Hotel, Ramsate, a curated exhibition themed around REST.

POW-er of GenZ: March 1 at Margate Leisure Centre, a student night with art, music, media, and more.

International Women’s Day Sponsored Swim: March 8, a sponsored event at Walpole Bay, promoting wellness through physical activity.

Mother’s Day at Powell-Cotton Museum: March 10 at Powell Cotton Museum, honouring maternal figures with diverse activities.

Digital Day: March 17, an online event featuring talks, workshops, and yoga sessions, accessible globally.

POW in the Park: March 23 at Ellington Park, a family festival with performances and workshops for all ages.

Variety Show: March 24 at Sarah Thorne Theatre, a grand closing party for the festival with comedy and performances.
Music for the Soul – 9th March at St Lukes Church, Ramsgate, A live music event featuring women and non-binary artists. Experience the musical magic of Mantawoman and Meg Bird, along with a performance by Institute Collective.

TKE Studios – We Do Not Sleep: 8th March – 19 May 2024 An ongoing exhibition showcasing a dynamic array of artistic expressions and collaborations. With work by Tracey Emin, Lindsey Mendick and Elissa Cray.

For more details and event schedules, visit www.powthanet.com


  1. What has happened to POW? It is now dominated by young mummy’s and kiddies family events! Gone are the take it to the streets, strident voices of emancipation. The theme this year ‘rest and relaxation’ !!! For goodness sake nothing got done by resting on your backsides. As for PEG pathetic. Think of something new not embroidering rude words.

    • I have the solution to this problem.

      If women no longer wish to provide 23.2 billion hours of child care – simply stop having children !

      Despite assertions to the contrary from some quarters, men cannot give birth to children so women will have to carry the can for this one.

      The country is already over-populated, there is a housing shortage and many people cannot afford to buy their own food.

      Therefore, it is totally irresponsible for women to continue to have children and to then complain about having to provide child care.

      Women already have the power to put a stop to this situation.

  2. PJ, Emphasising the importance of rest isn’t about shirking responsibility; it’s about acknowledging that to contribute to any cause effectively, you need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally in your best condition. Battling idiots like John below is exhausting.
    John, You’re the reason feminist organisations are still needed—bit of an own goal from you.

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