Former Broadstairs Rook’s building set to become Turkish restaurant

Inside the former Broadstairs Rook's store Photo Mark Stanford

The former JC Rook & Sons butchers and pie shop in Broadstairs looks set to become a Turkish restaurant.

The shops in Broadstairs and Ramsgate and the factory site in Ramsgate shut in March 2022 after the firm went into administration.

Six people at the Broadstairs site were made redundant. In total some 130 people lost their jobs. The directors of the company at that time were James Murray and Adrian Burr, also a director for Southover Foods in Sussex and  formerly a director of RP Meats Wholesale Ltd until April 2020. Andrew Rook resigned  in 2021.

Photo Mark Stanford

J C Rook and Sons had been trading in Kent for well over half a century but the firm, under its new management, owed some £2million when it shut.

The Ramsgate Rook’s store became Hidden Treasures indoor market in May last year but shut in September due to ill health. It has since reopened but as one store rather than providing space for a number of traders.

A licensing application has now been made by Mr Nagmalden Jakerka for  opening hours and supply of alcohol from 10am to 11pm daily. The new venue will be called Naj Turkish Restaurant.

Comments on the licensing application can be made before the February 22 deadline. Views can be submitted here


  1. Such a pity to have lost a great family business and 130 jobs that used local people . Their overheads would have been huge and nobody can carry on trading at a loss. As I have said many times the advent of Westwood X was a killer for our towns . If there was a plan for the town shops to survive it would have been great . But sadly no plan for the loyal local shopkeepers at all. One can only wonder just how long the remaining town businesses can survive 😢😢😢

    • I wasn’t aware of a butcher’s shop at Westwood Cross. Other such shops are still thriving in Thanet, so it is a bit unfair to blame WX for another firm’s failings.
      I did enjoy a Rook’s sausage though!!

  2. Rooks did themselves out of business not Westwood Cross.

    They charged too much for their meats and the Broadstairs branch mainly relied on the pastry side.

    Working for Hazel’s in town we saw our business thrive because of the quality, cost and service. Things that were lacking at Rooks.

    Nowadays the new customer will pick meat up from supermarkets, where before their parents and grandparents would use the local Butcher.
    Times change, habits change and unfortunately butchers shut, but those who last longest are the ones that offer great prices and service.

    The meat trade is dying and we need to look to the future instead of living in the past!

  3. We simply don’t need yet another eatery on Broadstairs, the number already is at ridiculous levels, offer some incentives and encourage some other retailer there and get footfall up during the day not at 11pm.

    • With apologies for sounding like a broken record – but it is market forces and demand that primarily governs the success or failure of any business (notwithstanding pricing, quality and service elements).

      Clearly there are sufficient folks in Thanet willing and able to patronise multiple restaurants – but not butchers’ shops.

  4. Fine, let’s just turn it over to McDonald’s and 20 lap dancing clubs like in Shoreditch if you love market forces so much, the council should actually do some work and manage the area and that means not allowing these cheap pop up restaurants in every empty shop which do absolutely nothing for the diverse needs of local people. It’s pure lazy planning and why all high streets are dying on their arses throughout the UK.

    • Worse are micropubs. They always allow them in areas where REAL pubs are closing (if someone wants to open a Thanet micropub, let them do it in Acol or Cliffsend where there’s no other pubs!).

      • As for lap dancing clubs, why don’t we get pubs with strippers any more? They often livened up lunchtimes down the Old Kent Road back in the 70s & 80s!

      • Micropubs are bringing back the choice people want, a decent place for a chat a proper beer and time to just be. We don’t all want ‘another Thorley tavern’ with too many notices, the same beer and the TV on so the bar staff don’t get bored. As for strippers well there are some daisies which need you attention, they have slipped and need pushing up!

        • I only drink with a meal, so I never go in micropubs (got better things to do than sit there being chatted up by frustrated old men!).

          • I find it very funny that women think they are irresistible to men just because they are alone in a bar and hate being bothered by older guys….in my observations over the years it’s not the guys age which is the problem it’s that his car isn’t shiny enough or his wallet fat enough for them to consider you worthy to speak too.

          • Where did that gem of wisdom come from? You do know the background to them, how they came about? Where are all these closed micropubs, there are a few I grant you but up and down the UK they are usually flourishing. They have no brewery ties so no must have stella/fosters/doombar and no landlord upping their rent everytime they dare do well. I have a feeling I may be better versed on this subject than you, stick to boring stories which have been done to death about rock’n roll.

  5. Always surprised it went bust as that particular branch was always busy! Can’t speak for the others

  6. Ms Pink… beauty is in the eye of the beholder and delusional is only in their own mind….truly beautiful women tend to be humble and demure not put a false rating on themselves….tbh you sound a bit of a nightmare and the men you blanked should pray to their own god for the bullet they dodged.

  7. I think I may have touched a nerve, never mind old timer talking of strippers and referring to woman as birds means it is time for you to make a hasty exit. What an embarrassment to South London.

  8. Hullo Ruth and Abdouja. Good comments, keep it up! Fortunately I have no need of Mr Checksfield’s pity, which is probably non-existent anyway.

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