Royal Harbour Academy students learn about life on the Western Front

RHA students learning about life in the trenches in the Great War

Year 9 students from The Royal Harbour Academy have travelled to the Kent County Showground for an immersive day, learning about the experiences of soldiers who fought in the trenches of the First World War.

The students were guests of the Centre for Experimental Archaeology based at the site, which has developed an exact replica of a section of WWI trenches built along the Belgian section of the Western Front during the conflict.

Students were first given presentations by leading WWI experts, Andy and Janice Robertshaw, on the diet, equipment and uniform of the British Tommy, as well as the medical procedures and developments that occurred throughout the course of the war.

Students were given the opportunity to handle genuine WWI equipment as well as trying on various bits of the kit. After lunch, students had a guided tour of the trench and the opportunity to test out the recreated light railway system that would have carried supplies to the front line.

All students had a fantastic time and as well as being tired and muddy on the coach trip home, took away valuable lessons about the Great War.

Year 9 RHA students, Leila, Grzegorz and Charlie, were asked for their views on the day. Leila said: “The best bit of the day was exploring the trenches and seeing first-hand how difficult it would have been to live there for any length of time. It is something that I won’t forget.”

Grzegorz added: “It was a really enjoyable day. It was really good to be able to handle objects that were in the trenches with the soldiers.” Charlie said it “was the best trip I have ever been on!”

Andy and Janice said: “The students from RHA were fantastic. We have never seen a group have as much fun and it was refreshing to see students learning through play which is something that we rarely see. They are welcome back anytime.”


  1. Should be taught about the corporate greed and leaders willing to sacrifice millions of human being lives to feather the nest of a few.

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