Major gas main replacement works set to take place in Birchington

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Traders in Birchington are highlighting that they will be open despite road closures and diversions around Canterbury Road and The Square from next week.

SGN is undertaking major gas mains replacement work from Monday (February 5) as part of a 30 year programme to replace old metal pipes with new plastic ones.

Theresa Ireton from Monty’s fruit and veg shop said: ““We are panicking that people will think because the road is closed, the shops are closed. Lots of businesses will be affected so we are asking for signage to make sure people know the businesses are open.”

The work in Birchington will take place in two phases between February 5 and May 10.

Birchington Parish Council clerk Jane Bevan has outlines the phases:

PHASE 1 – Canterbury Road/The Square/Park Lane. Phase 1 will start on February 5th and is scheduled to last for a period of 4 weeks. An area of The Square leading into the junction with Canterbury Road, and the junction of Park Lane with Canterbury Road, will be closed.

Traffic from Margate will not be able to turn into Canterbury Road at the roundabout, but will be able to turn in to Station Road. Non-local traffic coming in to Birchington will be advised of a road closure at the St Nicholas roundabout and will be advised to follow the diversion route and take the Ramsgate exit.

Local traffic will still be able to travel towards Birchington along the A28, and there will be signed diversion routes in place. The Stagecoach bus routes will be diverted along Essex Gardens, Devon Gardens and Surrey Gardens and there will be temporary yellow lines on those roads.

PHASE 2 – Canterbury Road (junction with Park Lane to outside 357 Canterbury Road)

On completion of the first phase of work, the road will be reopened. The next phase will be completed 100 metres at a time. Temporary traffic control will be in place allowing movement of traffic in the area. This phase of the project is due to be completed on May 10.

Birchington Parish Council has held talks with SGN and an action plan will be put in place to keep residents and business owners informed as the project progresses.

There will be extra parking enforcement in place, especially along the bus diversion route and along Station Road.

Jane said: “We have requested SGN put notices out to say shops and businesses are open. The worst period will be the first four weeks when The Square is closed which is what we are bracing ourselves for.”

BPC has also requested re-yellowing of the lines in Station Road and the removal of three parking spaces at a pinch point to make sure buses and emergency vehicles can get through.

Jane has also highlighted that there is an emergency road closure in place at near the junction of Canterbury Road/ Park Avenue/ Mill Row/ Essex Gardens due to gas escape work. SGN says the repair has been completed.


  1. It might be good for drivers who are not residents of Birchington or used to the road names etc in Birchington to see a coloured map with dates of each section of closure. ? Quite a lot of people who drive have to use this rout to get to Canterbury Hospital for treatment for the whole of this period and on a weekly basis.

  2. “Major gas replacement works…”

    “New domestic boilers will be replaced by heat pumps in the near future . ”

    You couldn’t make this up.

    • But households are currently using gas for heating and cooking.
      You can’t shut down the gas distribution network until homes are heated by some other means. And the vast majority still use gas.

    • Heat pumps will not replace domestic or commercial gas boilers. The same as electric cars are not the future. We have over 130yrs of available gas which is available in the UK.

    • Is your heatpump going to be able to fuel your gas hob, everyone goes on about heatpumps, but they are not that good at the moment, and then there’s the hob issue, everyone goes to electric, wheres the power coming from with no new power stations being built, a flawed plan at the moment to go fossil free, business also rely on gas, ie bakers, bodyshops,we are way off gas free yet

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